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The best price of Exercise Balls in Pakistan is Rs. 103 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,008.


There are various exercise balls that one can use to improve their fitness. The most well-known being the Swiss ball and medicine balls. These can be used in a lot of different ways, which is a great way to have a fun workout that is not monotonous.


Working out has all kinds of tools that one can use to aid their fitness lifestyle and one of the common tools is the different kinds of balls available.

Exercise balls come in different sizes and have their own functions and use. The medicine balls come with variations of weight and size; some have handles and grips for ease of handling. A lot of rehabilitation exercises are done with these medicine balls.

Medicine balls are used to improve neuromuscular coordination along with balance. It is even used to work on increasing explosive energy. In case you want to up the level of your pushup, medicine balls can also be used for that. Placing your hands on them increases the amount of pressure your stabilizing muscles have to endure and this also lets you get deeper pushups. 

The weight range goes from 1kg to 11kgs and the designs vary somewhat based on the different brands and even use case. 

The other commonly used one is the Swiss ball which is much larger and is an inflated ball. The weight is not much and the uses are different due to its size. It can be used to do wall squats or to lift your legs higher while doing pushups. The latter would again increase the work your stabilizers have to do.

Overall, all kinds of exercise balls help with improving balance, muscle tone, and core strength. How you use them is more about what exact result you are looking for.

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Model Price
World Map Earth Globe Hand Wrist Exercise Stress … Rs. 349
Speed Ball Genuine Leather (Size 3 inch Height) B… Rs. 1,100
Body Nerves Relaxation - Steel Baoding Balls for … Rs. 2,500
Hand Therapy Exercise Ball Rs. 103
Wall Ball, Medicine Ball,leather Med Ball, Yoga B… Rs. 3,500
Yoga mat 8 mm Yoga Mat Exercise mat yoga ball mat… Rs. 2,088
Sports City Gym Solution Anti Burst Imported Gym … Rs. 1,850
Latest 85cm Gym Ball With Pump in Pakistan Rs. 2,199
Soft Foam Ball Wrist Exercise Stress Relief Pack … Rs. 1,175
Sports Hub Balance Exercise Ball - Pink Rs. 1,499
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