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The best price of Eyebrow Tweezers in Pakistan is Rs. 50 and estimated average price is Rs. 324.


Tweezers are inexpensive grooming tools for the eyebrows that help you define and shape them. The makeup industry has long ignored the eyebrows, that are in fact amongst the most defining features of the face. If not groomed or shaped well, they can ruin the entire look no matter how amazing your makeup is. Carefully plucked and shaped eyebrows can do wonders to your makeup and can make your eyes stand out. That is where the tweezers come in. Check out eyebrow tweezers prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for tips on how you can use different types of this versatile little gadget for a variety of purposes.


Eyebrow Tweezers Uses

1. Eyebrow Shaping

While perfect shaping can be achieved through threading, tweezers make for a great eyebrow maintenance tool. Usually, women and men who like to get their eyebrows done at the salon, maintain them at home with eyebrow tweezers. 

2. Removing Facial Stray Hair 

Eyebrow tweezers can also be used to remove stray hair from the face. Though coarse and thick facial hair can be better removed with hot or cold wax, eyebrow tweezers can help you remove fine hair around the chin, above lips and around the jaw area. 

3. Applying False Eyelashes

Some makeup experts also use good ole eyebrow tweezers for applying false eyelashes. Though there are special rubber-tipped tweezers for eyelash application, regular tweezers can also be used for quick and easy application of false lashes. The key is to keep them clean.

4. Nail Art

Some highly precise eyebrow tweezers can also be used for nail art. Several nail art projects include the application of minute sized rhinestones, gems, decals, stickers or other adornments. Picking them with tweezers become pretty easy and convenient. Use them for mess-free nail art projects. 

Eyebrow Tweezer Types

They come in all sizes, shapes, colours and materials. The most common one is made out of stainless steel that may have a rubber texture for better grip. Some tweezers are made out of plastic with slanted stainless steel tips for better precision and quick removal of hair. There can be many types of tweezers based on their tip design, the most common ones are:

1. Slant tip

The most common type is the slant tip that is considered ideal for plucking brows. Its fine edges and slanted shape makes it super easy and comfortable to grab and pull out hair with precision. This is also a common design for applying false lashes.

2. Point Tip

For extreme precision and plucking out the thinnest and finest hair, the point tip tweezers are designed for those who have a steady hand. If you don't have one, steer clear of this type as it can prove to be really dangerous. The point tip tweezers are capable of plucking out even the shortest or ingrown hairs with ease. Nail art lovers can use this style of tweezers for applying nail art adornments to the nails.

3. Pointed Slant Tip

This style was invented by combing point and slanted designs. It gives the benefits of two tweezer designs in one and you can easily pluck your eyebrows however you like. It may not be as sharp as the slanted tip or as precise as the point tipped design, but it will do the job with ease and convenience. 

4. Round Tip

Round tip design is not for everyone as they are used for only plucking the eyebrows at certain angles. They grab too many hairs if used straight on to the eyebrows like you would with regular types. This can be a good option for those who are scared of sharper tips and often end up hurting themselves with them. The rounded tips are much safer and easier to handle when it comes to accidentally injuring yourself. 

5. Flat Tip

These are the best tweezers for applying eyelashes as they are flat-tipped. They are not recommended by the experts for regular eyebrow plucking but you can use them if you want to pull out extra hair that can all be removed at once.  

6. Arched Claw Tip

Tweezers with an arched claw tip design are more ergonomically comfortable and easier to handle. The clawed design also lets you see what hair you have trapped in the tool and allow for more precision and accuracy. You can use this design to reach hairs at harder to see areas or light coloured hairs.

7. Wide-Grip Tweezers

These are designed to provide you with better grip and control. The wide design helps you use the tool with more accuracy and ease. Even the novice can use this design for better control and mess-free plucking. 

Tips & Warning

While eyebrow tweezers are a quick and inexpensive way of grooming your eyebrows at home, if not cleaned properly, they can introduce bacteria to your skin. When you pluck your eyebrows, your skin pores can stay open and if the tweezers weren't clean, you might develop painful spots around the eyes.

It is important to keep your tweezers clean every time you use them and then store them in a dust-free place. Every time you pluck your eyebrows, wipe the tweezer down with a cotton pad soaked in an antiseptic solution. To be more careful, you can wipe them clean even before using them to ensure more safety.

We have all eyebrow grooming tools in all shapes, types, colours and from a variety of brands. Buy eyebrow tweezers online at the best prices in Pakistan from our page. 

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Makeup Tool Stainless Steel Eyebrow Tweezer Rs. 99
Mic Makeup Tool Stainless Steel Eyebrow Tweezer Rs. 99
High Quality 8 in 1 Manicure kit (Large & Small N… Rs. 499
Eyebrow Tweezers - 2 pcs - Pink & Black Rs. 200
Eyebrow Tweezer For Women Rs. 300
New Painless hair Removal Machine Slique Hair Thr… Rs. 299
Flambeau Eyebrow Tweezer With Eyebrow Brush Comb … Rs. 380
Lotso Collection 1+1 Eyebrow Tweezers (Slant Tip … Rs. 800
Professional Eyebrow Tweezers-ks Rs. 69
Slant Tip Tweezers - Professional Eyebrow Stainle… Rs. 650
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