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The best price of F&D in Pakistan is Rs. 650 and estimated average price is Rs. 3,837.


A brand that produces speakers for all kinds of situations. From small portable Bluetooth speakers to larger tower speaks for home entertainment, F&D Speakers has it all. The design is modern and the sound quality is good. With many different features and options for connectivity the F&D Speakers range is still from an affordable price range.


F&D Speakers

F&D Speakers is a brand from India and also goes by Fenda Speakers. Founded in 2005 it started with loudspeaker development and over time moved into other styles of speakers as well. Today it has a full range of speakers one can pick from. This includes multimedia speakers, wireless portable speakers, soundbars, tower speakers and trolley speakers.

The different speakers have different features. One can make use of card readers and USB slots depending on the model. This allows for plug and play options; the flash drive has one's music on it and the speaker can directly access it to play the songs. Certain models also have connectivity to an F&D Speakers app. From this app you can change settings and control the speaker easily. Input options on the various models can also include AUX, optical, NFC or RCA.

The trolley speakers which are for situations where power may be difficult to access have batteries that can last for many hours of play. These are built with wheels making them easy to cart around as well. With a remote control too, so one can control their music from multiple sources. These trolley speakers also have a wireless microphone in case people want to use it for karaoke. Alternatively, this can also function as a PA system.

The brand has styled its products with a very modern edge, comparable in design to a lot of other known international brands. The quality otherwise is comparable to Audionic and such brands which are more in the accessible ranges.


F&D Speakers are available for affordable prices in Pakistan, making them accessible to more people who would want decent speakers to enjoy their audio entertainment on. Many of the models also have the option to tune into FM radio, adding even more possibility to one's aural pleasure.

Price List

Model Price
Khanani's F R I E N D S LOGO T-SHIRTS FOR MEN Rs. 650
Toddler Girls Lace-up Front Knit Sneakers - FD Rs. 5,700
JL-FD-MC-01 Rs. 5,499
MC-FD-MC-01 Rs. 4,999
Toddler Kids Car Pattern Pompom Decor Cuff Beanie… Rs. 2,325
Baby High Top Lace-up Front Skate Shoes - FD Rs. 2,397
Kids Colorblock Letter Graphic Running Shoes - FD Rs. 5,055
JL-FD-MC-02 Rs. 5,499
Toddler Lace-up Front Combat Boots - FD Rs. 6,240
Baby Drawstring Design Fuzzy Snow Boots - FD Rs. 2,841
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