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The best price of Face Serum in Pakistan is Rs. 225 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,183.


Face creams, lotions and balms can clog skin pores and increase oil build-up resulting in bumpy, rough and prone to an acne skin condition. The best alternative to keep the skin light, moisturised and breathable is to use a face serum. The results are improved skin health, texture, complexion and softness. The non-comedogenic nature of the face serum makes it essential for keeping the skin fresh and youthful.


Smooth & Hydrated

The face serum beauty routine is ideal for women and men looking for a lightweight formula to keep the skin hydrated for long durational periods. The visible reduction in pores and fine lines is due to the key ingredients found in face serums including amino acids, fatty acids, essential oils, Vitamin C and E paired with fruity essences such as pomegranate extract, lemon and grapefruit that instantly brightens the skin.

The antioxidants agents such as Alo Vera and Zinc ensure that the skin feels hydrated and protected from free radicles in the environment such as toxins and pollution in the air. The skin will have a protective layer that will prevent any further damage while restoring the cellular structure of the skin. Some face serum products will have SPF sun protection included in the formula making it easy to protect the skin from harmful UV rays.


Face serums can be used as a lightweight primer under foundation and heavy base that allows the skin to warm up making it easy to blend in the product. The vitamin-infused protection keeps the skin hypoallergenic and eliminates any bacteria accumulating on the skin. The prevention of inflammation, redness or irritation due to the product makes it easy to wear foundation every day to work or university.

Price List

Model Price
Garnier Bright Complete Vitamin C Booster Serum 3… Rs. 1,599
Revolution Relove Super Serum Foundation F10.5 Rs. 2,400
Posch Care Swansi Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum… Rs. 680
24k Gold serum anti aging face care 30ml Rs. 1,800
LANBENA - lanbena-repair-essential-oil-skin-serum… Rs. 1,199
DR-RASHEL Vitamin C Brightening & Anti-Aging Face… Rs. 999
Chiltan Pure Collagen Face Serum 30ml Rs. 999
Hyaluronic Acid Serum Rs. 2,050
Aijaz Aslam - Sylver Night Face Serum anti-aging … Rs. 1,950
Dr.Rashel Aloe Vera Collagen + Vitamin E Face Ser… Rs. 999
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