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The best price of Fair And Lovely in Pakistan is Rs. 60 and estimated average price is Rs. 224.


The parent company of Fair and Lovely is Unilever, that has achieved the highest standards and launched over 400 brands under its name. The safety and quality of their products are tried and tested for generations all over the world. All products are reviewed by a team of safety experts before being introduced into the market. Fair & Lovely’s only use ingredients that are approved through a series of consumer and clinical trials to ensure they are suitable for all adult normal skin types.


Fairness and Whitening Treatment

The Fair and Lovely whitening treatment takes 4 to 6 weeks to change the complexion of the face. It is used as an alternative to harsh chemical-based treatment such as bleach that can damage the skin permanently resulting in dark spots and discolouration. The multivitamin ingredients used in the various Fair and lovely creams can instantly offer brightness and illumination of the facial skin. It does this by adding vitamin B3, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin B3 to create a skin booster that lightens the melanin directly. It is absorbed by the skin to reduce the production of dark melanin and slows down the visibility of melanin on the surface of the skin creating a kind of inbuilt barrier. The cream is a silicone-enhanced vanishing cream that has a drying matte effect when applied on the skin that creates a protective layer. The formula also has a triple sunscreen system that protects the skin from harsh UVA and UVB rays. The Allantoin extract comes from the root of the comfrey plant, it ensures that the skin does not become irritated or allergic. 

Seal Of Approval

Fair & Lovely products are approved by the Pakistan Standards & Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) that supervises all manufacturing and testing of the product to ensure it's of the highest quality. It does this to guarantee the health and safety of the Pakistani public by being accredited by the ISO and IEC. Fair and Lovely also have an internationally assessed and approved Skin Health Alliance UK certification of all its products. A skin health authority that works closely with dermatologists, researchers and skin scientists to create strict guidelines for skincare brands. 

Product Range

There are three kinds of cleaning products offered by Fair and Lovely called Insta Glow, Anti Pimple and
Herbal Care Facewash for ladies. The men's skincare line has the Max Fairness Multi-Expert Cream and Face Wash. There is a foundation tinted BB Cream that saves several makeup steps by adding coverage to the cream giving females the option of skipping makeup altogether when getting ready for the day. The classic whitening cream called Advanced Multi-Vitamin HD Glow, Winter Fairness Cream, Herbal Care and Crystal Bright are popularly used to keep the skin fair and fresh all year round. 

Price List

Model Price
Fair & Lovely Powder Cream 18gm Rs. 235
Fair and Lovely Face Wash Multi Vitamin 50GM Rs. 151
Fair & Lovely Fairness Cream 50gm Rs. 245
Fair & Lovely Blue Lens 50g Rs. 245
Fair & Lovely Advanced Multivitamin Cream – 50 gm Rs. 295.50
Fair &Lovely Multivitamin Firenze Cream 70ml Rs. 270
Fair & Lovely Lotion 100ML Rs. 181
Fair & Lovely Face Wash Multi vitamin 80 GM Rs. 230
Fair & Lovely Max Fairness Face Wash 50g... Rs. 134
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