Fair And Lovely Face Wash Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Fair And Lovely Face Wash in Pakistan is Rs. 114 and estimated average price is Rs. 375.


Fair and Lovely products are clinically tested and supervised by dermatologists with international accreditation. None of their cleansing formulas has chemical-based bleaching agents or harmful chemicals such as hydroquinone. The face wash is suitable for adult normal skin types and will not irritate or cause any allergic reactions. It is safe to use every day as it is safe and gentle on the skin.


Improved Facial Cleansing 

The frequent soap can leave the skin feeling dry and dehydrated in order to avoid harsh chemical used in soap bars the use of face wash gels has been recommended by dermatologists. The Fair & Lovely Face Wash products are created with added nourishing agents herbal and natural to boost the skins natural PH level and restore the brightness of the skin. The deep cleansing formula has exfoliation that removes impurities such as pollution and dirt from the skin and pores without drying out the skin. The skin feels smooth and moisturized after washing. 

Fair & Lovely Insta Glow Facewash

The Insta Glow formula has VitaGlow technology is absorbed by the deep layers of the skin to clean the pores that achieve an instant glow after the first wash. The Advanced Multi-Vitamin face wash is safe and gentle with effective exfoliants that provide scrubbing and removal of dead skin cells while restoring the collagen of the skin.  For those suffering from any acre scaring the Anti Pimple Facewash clears the skin of any reactive germs while restoring illumination to the skin. The Japanese Green Tea added to the anti pimple formula will reduce puffiness, reduce dark spots and discolouration through its natural skin cell renewal and illumination treatment. The green tea is especially suited for treating oily or pimple-prone skin. multivitamins 

The Herbal Care formula has two age-old remedies combined together by using Zafran and Turmeric spices. The antioxidant agents in the Turmeric and cell renewal properties of Zaffron provide a natural glow tried and tested by thousands of years of Ayurveda beauty treatments. This formula can focus on reducing the appearance of fine line making it anti-ageing and collagen enhancing. The combination of Zafran and Timeric can help boost the elasticity of the skin helping it regain firmness. Turmeric is also used to treat acne in natural herbal remedies.  

Max Fairness for men is a face wash especially created for male skin with a thicker formula that deeply cleans the enlarged pores and oily glands. The side-effects of shaving every day are darker skin and an uneven complexion that can be irritating and harder to maintain. The fresh tingling formula is specially designed for men so that their skin feels fresh and well hydrated. The regular use of the face wash can even out the complexion and improve fairness.

Price List

Model Price
Fair and Lovely Fairness Face Wash 50g Rs. 140
Fair & Lovely Face Wash 100ml Rs. 305
Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin Face Wash 50g Rs. 170
Fair & Lovely Glow & Lovely Multivitamin Face Was… Rs. 1,015
Fair & Lovely Insta Glow Face Wash (Pak)... Rs. 124
Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin Daily Fairne… Rs. 1,015
Fair & Lovely Face Wash – 80G Pink Rs. 264.39
Fair & Lovely Men Max Oil Control Fairness Face W… Rs. 175
Fair & Lovely Face Wash Insta Glow With Fairness … Rs. 794
Fair & Lovely Max Fairness Face Wash 50g... Rs. 134
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