Faiza Beauty Cream Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Faiza Beauty Cream in Pakistan is Rs. 70 and estimated average price is Rs. 353.


Faiza beauty cream will improve skin complexion and leave it feeling softer throughout the day. Used by men and women it can remove blemishes, dark circles and aid in clearing acne scars by breaking down tough dead skin on the face. Remember the original Faiza Beauty Cream will have a seal, barcode and SMS number to prove its validity.

Pros & Cons


  • Affordable

  • Easy to use

  • Effective


  • Must be tested on a small patch first to see if will cause a reaction or suit your skin

  • Can be fake version being sold online so check for validity


Beauty Standards

For hundreds of years fair complexion, blemish and wrinkles free skin have been considered the epitome of beauty. Asians are known to have high levels of melanin which is a browning agent in the skin that helps protect it from harsh sunlight through a coating resulting in a tan. The removal of this tan has been a sought after beauty remedy in the East. 

Fair Complexion & Whitening Cream

Faiza Beauty Cream has launched a series of products aimed to help with the whitening process of the skin. Their beauty cream promotes fairness and skin brightening when used at night and washed off in the morning. It effectively removes the tan from the face restoring it to its natural colour. 

Instructions to Apply 

Directions for using the cream are to wash your face and applying it on a towel dry face. It is advised that the cream be used in a small quantity each time. After applying the cream do not rub or massage the face. Leave it on like a sleeping mask till morning.

Skin Types 

Whether the skin is dry, oily or in a combination of both, Faiza Beauty Cream is suitable for all skin types. 

Original Faiza Cream vs Fake 

Faiza Beauty Cream is manufactured by Poonia Brothers Pakistan, it is imperative that buyers make sure the packaging has a seal and barcode. The barcode will have a number that can be SMSed to verify the validity and originality of the product.

Report Fake Cream

In case you bought the fake Faiza Beauty Cream or feel unsure about its validity a forgery case can be reported to the court. Fake cream packaging will have obscure award-winning logos of best cream from "Brand of the Year, 2013" or "Consumer Icon, 2013" with a fake certification seal from the Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research written as PCSIR on the packaging. 

Types of Faiza Beauty Cream 

Faiza's products are available in Pakistan. The Faiza Beauty Cream is available online in 50 g and 30 g tubs. Other products available online include the soap and face wash and beauty serum. The Faiza Beauty Serum is anti-ageing recommended to be used in combination with the rest of the skincare line.  

Price List

Model Price
Faiza Beauty Cream, 25g Rs. 275
Faiza Beauty Cream (Big Jar) Rs. 350
Faiza Hair Removing Cream for Oily skin Rs. 70
Faiza Beauty Cream Jar Rs. 350
Faiza Beauty Cream Large Rs. 390
Faiza Beauty Cream Rs. 520
Faiza Beauty Cream (Small) Rs. 220
Faiza Beauty Cream Rs. 260
Faiza Beauty Cream, 50g Rs. 415
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