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The best price of Fancy Lights in Pakistan is Rs. 180 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,286.


Ambient lights have always been a key factor in interior and outdoor decor. People use simple as well as decorative lighting to create beautiful spaces that stand out from the same old boring lot. Here on this page, you will find many options for fancy lights that enhance the beauty of your homes, offices or backyard etc.


1. Fancy Indoor Lights

To break away from tradition, more and more people are turning towards stylish and unique ideas for lighting their living spaces. Indoor fancy lights for tables, walls, ceiling etc include crystal chandeliers, wall and ceiling fixtures, string lights, LED lights, neon lights, spotlights, hanging lights etc. The designs are unique and trendy and the lights are equipped with modern technology like being remotely controlled or turn on and off at a clap or a snap of fingers. Some lights are also integrated with modern technology that allows them to change colour and lighting patterns with a remote control etc.

2. Fancy Outdoor Lights

Outdoor spaces like your backyard or the garden are mostly neglected but they are great places for having late night BBQs, bonfire parties and cosy gatherings with friends and family. Using fancy decorative lights around the porch, patio, terrace, gazebo, trees, hammock, bushes etc are a great way to add a decorative flair to your outdoor spaces. It also helps illuminate the area at open-air cafes, guinguettes or for nighttime events at theatres etc. 

3. Fancy Solar Lights

Speaking of outdoor lighting, solar lights are quite a thing these days for their energy-saving benefits as well as a huge range of options. They are available in fancy options that enhance the beauty of the outdoor settings and help create enthralling ambiences. 

4. Festive Lights

Festive occasions in Pakistan like Eid, Christmas, Diwali call for extensive celebrations and decorations. You can buy beautifully designed Christmas lights, lantern string lights for Eid or Ramadan decor as well as other decorative festive lights from our website.

5. Party & Wedding Lights 

For evening parties, Pakistanis use various kinds of fun and fancy lights to illuminate and decorate the space. These include disco lights, flickering lights, neon lights, remote-controlled RGB lights etc. Pakistani weddings are events when people go all out with extravagant clothes, celebrations and decoration. Wedding decor in Pakistan includes lots of beautiful ambient lights that are used to decorate the wedding venues, house or the room of the marrying couple. Fancy options include fairy lights, rice lights, chandeliers, crystal standing lamps etc. 

If you want more fancy lighting options, use Shopsy to search for lamps and lights such as floor lamps, table lamps, bulbs, salt lamps, spotlights, fairy lights, modern lanterns etc. We have a wide collection of home decorative items on sale from trusted online sellers in Pakistan. 

Price List

Model Price
20-25 ft Good quality Still Fairy Light String - … Rs. 685
Remote Controlled Battery Operated LED 8 Modes Co… Rs. 1,295
Single Colour - 20 Feet Fairy Light String - (220… Rs. 790
220V Fairy Lights 25 Feet String - Warm White Rs. 1,275
20 ft Fairy Light for Room Still - 220V - Ideal f… Rs. 790
Battery Operated Still Fairy Lights - Battery Ope… Rs. 380
Fairy String Light for Home,Wedding Party Decorat… Rs. 2,900
Acrylic Material Hearts & Alphabets Fairy Light 3… Rs. 1,400
20 Feet Multi Fairy Light String - 220V For Birth… Rs. 1,445
Golden Fairy Light 20ft String High Quality - Ele… Rs. 1,445
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