Farlin Breast Pump Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Farlin Breast Pump in Pakistan is Rs. 20,825 and estimated average price is Rs. 24,533.


Farlin has options for a manual or an electronic breast pump. One can choose the one they prefer or fits their budget. The electronic ones also have a manual option.


Farlin has both a manual breast pump and an electric one as well. A breast pump is a great way to have the mother's milk on hand, especially for women who work. This can also be helpful in case one is travelling or so.

The electric version is a lot easier to use as one doesn't need to do anything beyond attaching it and turning it on. There is a vacuum seal so it closes up tightly, making the pumping efficient and also making sure there are no leaks.

For charging there is support for a mini-USB cable. The Farlin breast pumps are small enough to be easily portable, they also come with attachments that allow you to feed your baby as soon as you are done.

Breast pumps can also be used if the baby is unable to extract enough milk, this can happen in case a baby is unwell. Overfilling is also a possible condition, this can be relieved via a Farlin breast pump as it will reduce the milk stored by extracting it. Donation of milk to milk banks for babies who may not be able to receive their mother's milk is also a use of breast pumps.

The design of the breast cup with the Farlin breast pumps has a membrane integrated so the milk does not get exposed at all.

Price List

Model Price
Farlin Electrical Breast Pump Rs. 27,795
Farlin Ele-Macano 2-In-1 Single Electric Breast P… Rs. 20,825
Farlin Ele-Cube Electric & Manual Breast Pump, AA… Rs. 24,300
Farlin Ele-Dual Electric Breast Pump + Milk Stora… Rs. 28,300
Farlin Wide Neck Ele-Macano Single Electric Breas… Rs. 21,680
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