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The best price of Farm Fresh in Pakistan is Rs. 164 and estimated average price is Rs. 257.


Whole foods and organic products are becoming increasingly popular as they are environmentally friendly and without harsh chemicals and artificial additives. The brand Farm Fresh by JK Agriculture Farms (Pvt) Ltd. has a wide range of grains and oat that are nutritious and healthy. The variety of bread, bun, rusk, biscuits, cupcakes and baaker khani are ideal for tea time at home or at the office. There are some organic seasonal vegetables and fruits along with homemade style pickled jars.


Easy & Convenient

The hygienically packaged and easy to buy online products by Farm Fresh make it a simple one-step grocery shopping experience when buying essentials for the home. They have Barley Flour, Barley Porridge, Brown Rice, Gluten-Free Millet Flour, Oats Flour, Organic Stone Ground Whole Wheat Flour and Buckwheat Flour that are great healthy alternatives to refined and over-processed food products. The nutritious Chia Seeds can be added to drinks and food providing essential fibre and vitamins to the body. Their Desi Masur, Quinoa and Roasted Flax Seed can be used without worrying about gluten allergies.  

Bakery Products

Farm Fresh wants to provide wholesome and healthy food supplies to homes. They have both Milk and Bran Bread at affordable prices that are made with high-quality hygienic standards using organic ingredients only. They have different flavours for cupcakes and cakes that include Mango, Fruit, Ras Malai, Special Cake Rusk, Khatai and Peanut. These treats are served during chai and tea time for the family or when hosting guests at home.

Vegetables & Fruits

Their organically farmed vegetables include small-sized salad and pasta ready Cherry Tomatoes. There is Desi Garlic that will taste and smell fresh off the farm. Their Okra (Bhindi), Sponge Gourd and regular Tomatoes make flavourful dishes enjoyed the whole family. Their spices sides include Crushed Mango Pickle, Natural Garlic Pickle (Made of Desi Garlic) and Mixed Vegetables Achar that can be paired for any lunch or dinner meal.

Healthy Foods

The superfood Moringa has been identified as equivalent to 6 vegetable servings in a day making it an essential dietary requirement to improve immunity and nervous system health available in powder, whole and tea form. For the complete range of there is also a Natural Ghee and Eggs available that are 100% pure and organic. 

Price List

Model Price
Farm Fresh Omega-3 Eggs, 12-Pack Rs. 435
Farm Fresh Eggs Omega3 6'S Rs. 219
Farm Fresh Golden Egg 6's Rs. 164
Farm Fresh Eggs Golden 6Pcs Rs. 205
Farm Fresh Classic Egg 12's Rs. 325
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