Fauji Cereals Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Fauji Cereals in Pakistan is Rs. 105 and estimated average price is Rs. 414.


The leading Pakistani breakfast cereal brand is Fauji Cereals. Their variety has more than enough options for everyone to pick something from. The prices of Fauji Cereals is nominal.


Fauji Cereals

A part of the Fauji Foundation conglomerate, the largest national business group, Fauji Cereals was started in 1954 in collaboration with Quaker Oats of England. Fauji Cereals cater to 70% of the breakfast cereal and porridge market in Pakistan. The quality is set at a good standard and the machinery was set up by the Swiss brand Buhler, which is known for making some of the best cereal manufacturing plants in the world.

As part of Corporate Social Responsibility activities, Fauji Cereals have taken part in manufacturing food for emergency and disaster relief. This is done in tie with the World Food Program and UNICEF.

The cereal range

The list of cereals is extensive; the starting point for Fauji Cereals was Corn Flakes, which are now also available in honey, strawberry and mango. They also have Wheat Flakes and Rice Flakes. For kids, there are a few variants of chocolate flavours, such as Chocolate Pops, Chocolate Corn Flakes, Choco Rings, Choco Cups and Choco Stars. The differences are more in the shape than the taste. Frootooz and Honey Pops are also cereals for kids.

Fauji Cereals stocks muesli and frosted flakes as well. Muesli is a healthy kind of cereal that has nuts, flakes and fruits in it.


The options Fauji Cereal's presents are ample. One can choose the kind of cereal they like. Pricing-wise Fauji Cereals are nominally priced, the scale of production and availability of raw materials in Pakistan allows the Fauji Foundation to keep the prices on the lower end.

Price List

Model Price
Fauji Chocolate Cup-250 Grams Rs. 463
Fauji Corn Flakes with Real Strawberry Puree 150 … Rs. 204
Fauji Fit-O-Fiber-250 Grams Rs. 459
Fauji Honey Pops Cereal 150g Rs. 360
Fauji Corn Flakes 250g Rs. 410
Fauji Bran Flakes 250g Rs. 490
Fauji Honey Corn Flakes 250 Grams Rs. 441
Fauji Wheat Porridge 1Kg Rs. 350
Fauji Choco Cup Cereal 150g Rs. 340
Fauji Honey Pops Cereal 250g Rs. 430
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