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Fauji has many breakfast cereals, including wheat and barley rolled out similar to oats. These make for a great breakfast meal in the form of porridge. Available for nominal prices.


A leading local brand when it comes to cereals and breakfast foods. Fauji has a lot of cereals but also produces a range of oats.

The brand caters to about 70% of the breakfast market in the cereal segment. The quality of their products is good.

Fauji Oats

Among their diverse collection, Fauji Cereals produces Fauji Barely Porridge and Fauji Wheat Porridge. These are breakfast meals that are healthy, full of fibre and nutrition. Also, another advantage with porridge is the fact that it is not too heavy so one is not slow for the next few hours.

Fauji's oats are called 'oats' more along the lines of being a colloquial term relating to porridge. The brand does not have actual oats but instead, wheat and barley grains rolled out in a similar fashion.

These products from Fauji Cereals are available for nominal prices.

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