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The best price of Fauji Pasta in Pakistan is Rs. 149 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,132.


Fauji Foundation has a wide selection of food products that include cereals, oats, spices and pasta. There Fauji Pasta is high quality and affordable ensuring that families are able to enjoy wholesome diversity in their daily meals.


Product Range

The Fauji Pasta variety can be had with both tomato or white sauce recipes. There are endless ways to have pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They can also be used to enrich salads with carbohydrates that provide a strong source of energy to the body. Ideal for children that need a quick and easy lunch to be had during break time at school. The popular choices for kids lunchtime are Elbow, Spiral, Ridged Elbow, Rainbow, Shell and Twisted Maccaroni paired with vegetables and pieces of meat. The stir fry version or mixed in with sauce are both enjoyed by children of all ages. 

For festive occasions such as Eid and weddings here are Cut Vermicelli pasta known locally as Sawaiyan that is the ideal sweet dish in Pakistan. The Arabitiata Pasta considered gourmet and restaurant bought can be made at add by implying buying the Penne Macaroni and making the sauce at home. The Veg Hakka Noodles are ideal for creating fusion Chinese recipes for the weekend at home. Fauji Pasta Spaghetti can be cooked in both Italian and Chinese style dishes and is loved by both kids and adults.   


The cooking instructions are on all the individual packaging on the backsides with detailed directions making it easy to prepare pasta at home. Fauji Pasta Pakistan uses only the best wheat sources locally processing it with advanced technology and resources at their factory with highest possible standards of hygiene It is healthy and a great source of fibre that helps improve digestion. A professional tip to make pasta is to add salt to hot boiling water and then add the pasta to cook. 

Price List

Model Price
Fries Masala BBQ (Fries Pasta Noodle Seasoning) 1… Rs. 799
Pack Of 3 Japanese Ramen Noodles Hot Chicken Flav… Rs. 1,325
Manual Noodle Pasta Press Maker Machine Handy Rs. 1,320
Manual Steel Noodle Press Pasta Maker Machine Han… Rs. 1,285
Wasim Badami Bio – Organic Soybean Pasta Set of 3 Rs. 1,950
Cheetos Mac N Cheese Pasta 164g Rs. 1,890
Orgran Gluten Free Spirals With Quinoa Pasta Rs. 1,937
Manual Noodle Pasta Press Maker Machine Handy Hig… Rs. 1,090
Pasta (Made From Scratch) Rs. 671.25
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