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The best price of Feroza Stone in Pakistan is Rs. 950 and estimated average price is Rs. 3,948.


Feroza stone also called Turquoise is a pure stone that is amongst the most valued and rarest gems in the world. For thousands of years, Feroza stone has been used as a decorative item or ornament and is considered to possess healing qualities, like all pure stones. Experts believe that these pure gems have energy that gets transferred into the body of the wearer and brings physical as well as metaphysical benefits. Gemstones have a special place in almost all religions including Islam and Christianity. The Holy Prophet P.B.U.H was said to have worn gemstones embedded in a silver ring. The Holy Bible also mentions a range of precious stones including feroza. If you are looking for Feroza stone or jewellery made out of this beautiful gem, look no further. Check feroza stone prices in Pakistan on this page as Shopsy has a list of all authentic online stores that sell feroza stones and articles made out of this precious gem.


Feroza Stone Benefits

Feroza is an opaque, blue to green mineral that is one of the most valuable and rarest stones in the world. The rarest and the most expensive feroza stone is Lander Blue Spiderweb Turquoise which is always the most in-demand. 

1. Mental Healing Properties

Feroza is considered to bring healing and well being to the wearer. It reduces stress and improves the mental state by increasing the wearer's creativity level, positivity, serenity, empathy, happiness, intuition, wisdom etc. Apparently, it brings the wearer into a calmer and composed state that leads to contentment and greater self-realization. It also reduces stammering and fear of public speaking by making the person more eloquent and confident.

2. Physical Healing Properties

Feroza stone helps your body absorb nutrients and enhances immunity. It regenerates the tissues bringing well being to the whole body. It is said to have anti-inflammatory properties, as well as detoxifying effects and can relieve physical ailments like diseases, pains and cramps. 

3. Lucky Charm

Feroza stone is said to bring good luck to people with whom it shares great chemistry. It entirely depends on how much the stone's energy is compatible with the wearer's energy. If both match, the stone has astounding powers to bring good luck and well being to the wearer. It can save you from hardships and mishaps and also reduces stress. 

If the stone changes its colour or breaks, it is a clear sign of oncoming danger or calamity for the owner. One of the notable celebrities who wear this precious gemstone is the acclaimed Bollywood actor Salman Khan who is known to wear a bracelet made out of Feroza stones. He believes it brought him luck and is the sole reason behind his wealth and huge fame.

Feroza Stone Rings & Gifts

Jewellery or ornaments made out of real feroza stone may be expensive but they make for a perfect gift for the special people in your life. The stone is a symbol of hope, courage and friendship and gifting it to someone you love or care for will definitely earn you a lot of admiration and love in return. Feroza enhances communication, loyalty, love and friendship.

Real Feroza stones rings and jewellery made out of them are available on all our trusted sites. Beware of the low-quality and fake stones that are flooding the online marketplace. Howlite, an inexpensive mineral is often dyed a bluish-green colour to resemble Feroza. The mineral is available in a polished or tumbled form. It is white in colour and can easily be dyed to resemble any stone. 

Price List

Model Price
Feroza Stone HB-103 Rs. 6,500
Irani Feroza Stone HB-290 Rs. 4,000
Irani Feroza Stone HB-293 Rs. 3,200
Feroza Stone HB-105 Rs. 3,950
Irani Feroza Stone HB-285 Rs. 2,900
Irani Feroza Stone HB-294 Rs. 2,500
Feroza Stone HB-107 Rs. 4,300
Irani Feroza Stone HB-296 Rs. 2,000
Irani Feroza Stone HB-299 Rs. 1,200
Irani Feroza Stone HB-291 Rs. 2,350
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