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A sports car brand that also produces other accessories, including fragrances. Ferrari Light Essence is an aromatic scent with a woody fullness towards the end as well. It is often considered ideal for summers, spring or the daytime in general. The price of this cologne is in an affordable range.


Ferrari is a sports car maker; one of the best in the world. Aside from this, the brand also makes accessories that people can enjoy, this includes fragrances. Ferrari Light Essence is a cologne from their collection. This scent is light and aromatic with a woody end as well, giving it a fullness.

Ferrari Light Essence

The notes that make up this cologne are lemon, green apple, orange blossom, freesia and teak wood. The citrus gives it a freshness, with a slight tart scent that comes from green apples. There are aromatic tones from the orange blossom and freesia; at the end is teak wood to ground all the scents.

Ferrari Light Essence would make a good everyday scent for one's daily office use, it is light and clean so one is not causing a headache to others.


The price of Ferrari Light Essence is in an affordable range, which makes it a lot easier to have as one's regular cologne. Overall the reviews for this cologne are positive.

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