Fine Life Black Olives Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Fine Life Black Olives in Pakistan is Rs. 430 and estimated average price is Rs. 430.


A great food that is often used for pizzas or salads. The Fine Life black olives come in two forms, one option is pitted making it simpler to use in other foods. The plain ones have their pits and are used whole. The prices are in a nominal range.


Fine Life black olives come in a brine solution that helps preserve them and also adds some flavour. Black olives are a healthy food to consume and add flavour to whatever you add them to. They are high in fatty acids and antioxidants, as well as vitamin E. 

The Fine line black olives are available either pitted or the whole ones. You can choose based on what you find convenient or your usage. The pitted ones are easier to use when preparing salads omelettes or pizza. The whole ones would require a bit of extra work.

One gets 365gms of black olives in either of the bottles. The price of Fine Life black olives is in an affordable range.

Price List

Model Price
Fine Life Plain Black Olive 365GM Rs. 430
Fine Life Pitted Black Olives 365GM Rs. 430
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