Fine Life Chicken Strips Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Fine Life Chicken Strips in Pakistan is Rs. 607 and estimated average price is Rs. 607.


A snack that takes only a bit to prepare, the Fine Life Chicken Strips come with a tasty batter coating. These get fried and the batter becomes super crunchy, adding an amazing texture to each bite.


If you are looking for a tasty snack that can be prepared in a few minutes, the Fine Life Chicken Strips are a good choice. Made from chicken breasts, these strips are covered in batter. After cooking the batter becomes crispy, adding a yummy, crunchy texture to each bite.

The Fine Life Chicken Strips need to be deep-fried for a few minutes and they are ready. The exact cooking process is on the box, letting one get just the right cook. 

Once prepared these tasty Fine Life Chicken Strips can be eaten with any varied number of sauces and dips. Lots of people have them with ketchup, mustard, mayo, chilli garlic and garlic mayo.

Priced in an affordable range, the Fine Life Chicken Strips are stored in a freezer, ready to go whenever you need them. This also makes them ideal for homes that have guests over often as they take only minutes to be served.

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Fine Life Chicken Strips 500 GM Rs. 607
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