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The best price of Fine Life White Lobia in Pakistan is Rs. 264 and estimated average price is Rs. 264.


White lobia or black-eyed peas as they are called in English are a legume that is used to cook various kinds of dishes. The Fine Life White Lobia brand is one of the many brands packaging uncooked white lobia for people to purchase and cook.


Fine Life White Lobia is a legume that is a good source of protein that can be made into various dishes.

Aside from protein, Fine Life White Lobia contain folate, copper, thiamine, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, potassium, vitamin B6, selenium and riboflavin. Black-eyed peas also contain polyphenols, which act as antioxidants preventing cell damage and disease.

The Fine Life White Lobia is most often made into a curry that is eaten with roti, paratha or naan. People also eat it with boiled white rice. One could also add boiled Fine Life White Lobia to salads and make them alongside collard greens.

Many people soak white lobia in water for a good while before eating, this helps reduce their ability to cause flatulence.

The uses are many, with lots of recipes accessible. Fine Life White Lobia is a nominally priced food, making it very high value granted the great nutritional content.

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Fine Life White Lobia 1 KG Rs. 264
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