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The best price of Finger Wax in Pakistan is Rs. 135 and estimated average price is Rs. 325.


A form of cold wax the finger wax is used for removal of unwanted hair from the face or body. It is considered less painful and irritating as compared to traditional hot wax that causes breakouts all over the face and body for some people. Check finger wax prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for more information.


Women have long used wax to remove unwanted hair from the face and body. In recent years, men too have joined the club as many metrosexual men who are meticulous about their grooming or spornosexuals like bodybuilders wax their chests or other body parts for staying hairless and clean.

Best Wax Brands Online

The Italian brand Rica has been in the beauty industry for ages. Apart from manufacturing good quality cosmetics, Rica also offers a wide array of hair removing wax. Lubna, Stella, Glamorous Face, Golden Touch, Evergreen Herbals etc are other great brands of hair removal wax that you can buy from our website.

Upper Lips & Eyebrows

It is used in salons and at home as mess-free upper lip hair removal technique. It allows for removing even fine hair that is otherwise hard to reach when the wax is applied with a spatula etc. In recent times, the thread is quickly being replaced by finger wax for eyebrow reshaping as a quicker and much easier solution.

Facial Hair

Some women tend to have unwanted facial hair due to hormonal disturbances or mainly genetics. Finger wax is safe and easy to use product for removing unwanted hair from the face without causing any heat burns. You don't need to heat it as it is used as it is straight from the jar. Apply the required amount on to the skin, press and spread in the direction of hair growth. Once the area has been converted, yank it off in one solid motion against the direction of hair growth.

Body Hair

Though finger wax can be used on the entire body, it requires a lot of time as the finger can cover only small patches at a time. With a little bit of practice, one can achieve speed and finer results. 

Despite having numerous advantages, all forms of hair removal wax come with a number of side effects that include darkening of the skin if used more than twice in a month. Wrong application and pulling the hair in the wrong direction can cause ingrown hair so waxing should always be done by professionals or an expert. Never exfoliate your skin right after waxing as it may cause the skin to get irritated. Take a shower or exfoliate your skin 2 hours after waxing to ensure there are no side effects or skin irritations. 

Price List

Model Price
City Girl Finger Wax Rs. 230
Halawa Finger Wonder Wax Hair Removal System Rs. 245
Fruity Finger Wax 100gram (Use with Fingers & Str… Rs. 550
Glamorous Face Halawa Hair Removing Finger Wax Qu… Rs. 399
City Girl Finger Wax Rs. 230
Derma Shine Chocolate Finger Wax - 250 G Rs. 360
Derma Shine Charcoal Finger Wax - 250 G Rs. 360
Pelle Gold Mint Finger Wax 125 Grams Rs. 135
Miss Sweet Halawa Finger Wax For Face And Body Wa… Rs. 189
Best Finger Wax Gel 100 gram Rs. 299
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