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The best price of Fitbit in Pakistan is Rs. 25,999 and estimated average price is Rs. 35,614.


A new area of the health and lifestyle sphere, wearables; with Fitbit as the originals. Fitbit devices can track multiple health-related readings and log them for the user to learn their patterns and optimise. Fitbits have become common as more people are health conscious today. A great device for anyone trying to keep an eye on their performance. Fitbits come in various models and have different features depending on that, the prices also vary due to that. With the general range being from the higher end of prices.



One of the largest wearables company, Fitbit is among the top brands which include Xiaomi, Garmin, Samsung and Apple. Starting in 2007 when the creators realised that sensors had become advanced enough for such a product to be developed. The idea was to make something that was so intrinsically fused with you that it seemed like the next logical extension to the optimization of humans. With all the information Fitbit is able to provide users can really monitor their activities and health, the correlation of which is important to figure out for improvement. From simpler versions that are just activity trackers to some models that are smartwatches with more functionality, Fitbit has both.

Fitbit products features

The various models have a mix of features, this depends on when it was released and also how much the specific Fitbit is costing. There is no model, currently, that has all the features they have ever come up with packed into one. The features that are common among their available models include 'Steps & Activity', 'Sleep Tracking & Silent Alarm', 'Reminders to Move', 'Call Notifications', 'Customizable Clock Face' and 'Swimproof'.

Fitbit has many features for tracking the level of activity or the body's performance, including 'Calories Burned' and 'Floors Climbed'. With others that are specific to an activity such as 'Swim Tracking'. To make it simpler Fitbit has a feature called 'SmartTrack™ Auto Exercise Recognition', this can automatically figure out what exercise you are partaking in and start tracking it. There are also options for 'Guided Breathing Sessions' or 'On-Screen Workouts', the latter guides on through a series of exercises while tracking your body's readings. Another great feature that some Fitbit models have is 'Female Health Tracking' which helps with keeping a check on the menstrual cycle logging all relevant data.

A Fitbit can track 'Sleep Stages (Light, Deep, REM)', giving a report of when you were sleeping easy or there were spikes in internal activity. The deep sleep is relating to one's body and REM is related to one's brain; REM is also the time during which we dream. Certain versions come with 'Amazon Alexa Built-in', allowing direct access to the voice-based assistant. With time digital paying systems are evolving and more brands are incorporating them into smartphones and wearables, in light of this Fitbit has started 'Fitbit Pay™', allowing the wearer to make payments directly from their wrist.

In the form of collaborations, they have also added 'Adidas On-Screen Workouts', similar to the other workouts but these are brought to the consumer by Adidas. Over time the accessories market has expanded, with designers and other independent brands making lots of different straps to spruce up ones Fitbit. As Fitbit also produces smartwatches there are 'Apps' that can be downloaded onto one for expansion of functions.


Fitbit is a high-quality product that has changed how we interact with our life; we have a new understanding of how our health and body function thanks to it. The various models are for different prices, depending mostly on what features are packed into it, but generally, Fitbits are from a higher price point. Alphabet Inc., the parent of Google is slated to buy Fitbit in 2020; if this happens the scale of their product will increase by a serious margin as Google has a lot more resource to pool into further development.

Price List

Model Price
Fitbit Activity Tracker Versa 3 GPS Fitness Watch… Rs. 35,899
Fitbit Activity Tracker Charge 5 (FB421BKBK) Blac… Rs. 35,399
Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch Charcoal/Smoke Gray Rs. 30,499
Fitbit Luxe Fitness And Wellness Tracker Orchid Rs. 27,999
Fitbit Charge 4 Watch Special Edition Rs. 41,500
Fitbit Activity Tracker Charge 5 (FB421GLWT) Luna… Rs. 35,399
Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch Black/Silver Rs. 25,999
Fitbit Activity Tracker Charge 5 (FB421SRBU) Stee… Rs. 35,399
Fitbit Charge 5 - Advanced Fitness & Health Track… Rs. 42,900
Fitbit Versa 2 Rs. 28,000
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