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The best price of Fleece Hoodie in Pakistan is Rs. 399 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,228.


A very useful clothing item for the winter, a fleece hoodie can keep you protected from the cold. Especially with the hood taking care of your head. There are an endless number of brands that produce fleece hoodies, in various colours, with many different patterns or some form of graphic art. The price of a fleece hoodie can range from the lower end to the top end of the spectrum.


Fleece hoodie

The modern hoodie is a furthering of the sweatshirt. The fleece variant is a warmer kind of material that is used for hoodies today; it is polyester-based. Fleece hoodies come in a lot of different colours and also sizes. A lot have other designs such as patterns, logos or graphic art on them.

Many of them have a 'muff' stitched onto the abdomen area for one to keep their hands warm as well. The hoodie itself is very useful to keep your head protected from the cold. Protecting the extremities is important in cold weather. 

A fleece hoodie is extremely comfortable and cosy on its own, making for a great layer too; if it is super cold one can wear a jacket on top.


If one is wearing a T-shirt underneath it is possible that a lot of fleece lint will get stuck on it, this is one of the downsides fo such hoodies. This issue can be managed by wearing a similar or darker colour underneath.

Fleece hoodies are a standard kind of garment and are produced by many different brands all over the world. Almost all known designers and athletics brands have their iterations of a hoodie.

The price of a fleece hoodie can range from affordable to expensive depending on the brand.

Price List

Model Price
Redwood Creek Men's Arles Fleece Zipper Hoodie Rs. 999
Janina Women's Formless Printed Fleece Pullover H… Rs. 899
Archer & Finch Men's Tricot Tape Shoulders Fleece… Rs. 1,699
Max 21 Men's Crown Logo Printed Fleece Zipper Hoo… Rs. 1,099
Women's Cut Label Fleece Raglan Pullover Hoodie Rs. 962.50
MS Greyfinder Embossed Logo Maroon Fleece Kangaro… Rs. 1,495
Cr7 Maroon Fleece Sweatshirt With Logo Trouser Wi… Rs. 1,649
Offbeat stylish sweatshirt for men fleece full sl… Rs. 1,599
Black Zipper Fleece Pull Over Hoodie For Men In B… Rs. 1,170
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