Floor Lamps Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Floor Lamps in Pakistan is Rs. 1,999 and estimated average price is Rs. 9,183.


Floor standing lamps are a great way to enhance the beauty of any space, be it home or office. They instantly add a touch of decorative flair to the place and also improve the brightness of the ambience. If you are looking for one. buy wooden floor lamps in Pakistan from our website as we have a wide collection of lights, lamps and other home decor items.


Using the right amount of light can do wonders to your place. This can include natural as well as artificial light like chandeliers, lamps and modern lanterns etc. Floor standing lamps add grace and grandiose to the space and can be bought in a wide variety of designs and materials from this page. They can be with or without shades and are available in all brass, wood, glass, metal, chrome, crystal etc materials with intricate carvings and embossed patterns as well as simple and plain designs etc. 

Turkish Floor Lamps

Turkish lamps are known for their unique glass mosaic patterns and colours. The mosaic designs are created by breaking coloured glass and then securing them together in bits and pieces. They are often embellished with beads, gems, mirror bits, pearls or crystals. These lamps add an ethnic touch to the space and can be used in traditional as well as modern settings. They can be placed in the corners of the house in the living room, bedroom or hallway etc. You can use them to highlight a special corner or place in the house and to add sparkling colour to the entire space.

Moroccan Floor Lamps

To add an ethnic touch to the decor, Moroccan floor standing lamps are a great idea for they look beautiful and also add colour and ample light to the ambience. Moroccan lamps are created with fine and detailed cut out designs in brass, chrome and other materials. The intricate cutout spaces or carvings cast mesmerizing shadows on the walls, ceiling and floor whenever the lamps are lit. The display of pattern created by the lights and shadows looks like a work of art in its own.

Modern Floor Standing Lamps

They come in basic to highly detailed designs, reflecting excellent craftsmanship. Floor or corner lamps these days have taken a break from tradition and can be found in a variety of colours, materials and unique shapes. The best brands to buy modern floor standing lamps in Pakistan are Ikea, Urban Galleria, Interwood and ChenOne etc.  

Safety Tips

Floor lamps can be dangerous if they don't have proper earthing. This is more of a concern especially when the lamps are made out of nickel, brass, bronze or other conductor materials. Not taking proper safety precautions can lead to short-circuiting and hazardous accidents. 

Price List

Model Price
Grey Metal Adjustable Floor Lamp - Premier Home -… Rs. 12,093
Floor Lamp Rs. 7,000
tree style Wooden Pillar Floor lamp Rs. 7,900
Floor Lamp Rs. 2,899
Parchament Zig-Zag floor lamp Rs. 8,500
High Quality Wooden Floor Lamp Zigzag Style Rs. 8,100
Floor Lamp New Rs. 18,999
IKEA Uplight - Floor Lamp - Black With White Shade Rs. 9,999
Cesaero Floor Lamp Rs. 8,000
High Quality Wooden Floor Lamp 63B Rs. 6,100
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