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The best price of Flour Bag in Pakistan is Rs. 813 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,203.


The flour bag available online has All-Purpose Flour and Chakki Atta which is a wholewheat variety of flour sealed and hygienically packaged for cooking at home or commercially. A flour bag is available most popularly in a 10 kg packaging to be stored at home for the entire month. There are also smaller packs available in 5kg that are easier to store during the hot summer season in Pakistan.


The white and highly processed variety is made from finely-milled wheat. It is made from the endosperm of the wheat grain harvested from both the summer and winter crops. The white colours come from a process of bleaching the grain through oxidation or safe bleaching agents.

The Chakki Atta is considered healthier than Fine Atta as it preserves more of the natural protein and fatty acids in the flour. It is advised to mix those two kinds of flour varieties to achieve a healthy balance where the roti is soft but also wholesome. The Chakki Atta has fibre that helps keep the digestive system active and provide a slow release of carbohydrates into the bloodstream. Whole Wheat flour (Chakki Atta) also has essential Vitamin B-Complex that maintains healthy nerves and metabolic rate in children and adults. The benefits of having a balanced diet include longer life, lower risk of heart disease and a healthy gut that can digest food properly.

The process of making flour involves purifying the grains from any metallic and wooden shavings. The process eliminates the smallest of dust particles without disturbing the nutritional value of the grains. The packaging is kept light and breathable to ensure that the atta remains fresh in hot, humid or damp conditions. It is important to keep the flour stored in a dry and cool place as it can accumulate bacteria and fungus if exposed to damp conditions.


Flour is the key component in making rotis, parathas, bread and noodles that are considered staple food in our daily diet. The flour is fortified with iron, zinc, vitamin A, folic acid and other B-vitamins depending on the brand you purchase. Wheat flour has a low glycemic index which ensures the insulin does not suddenly spike after consuming a meal ideal for patients with diabetes.

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Model Price
Multigrain flour - 5 kg reusable bag - Healthy We… Rs. 1,500
Multigrain flour - 5 kg reusable bag - Healthy We… Rs. 1,500
Silicone Kneading Dough Bag Flour Mixer Bag Rs. 999
Bake Parlor Khalis Chakki Atta Bag Rs. 813
Multigrain flour - 5 kg reusable bag - Healthy We… Rs. 1,500
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