Fluorescent Lights Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Fluorescent Lights in Pakistan is Rs. 17,999 and estimated average price is Rs. 17,999.


A kind of gas-based lamp that is slowly being phased out as it is not as efficient as LEDs. There are fluorescent lights available in various shapes and sizes, one can choose based on their need. The prices vary depending on the specific light in question. Generally, prices are in the lower ranges.


Fluorescent Lights

These are low-pressure mercury-vapour gas-discharge lamps that use the principle of fluorescence to their advantage to produce visible light. The gas inside has an electric current run through it which excites the mercury vapour, leading it to produce short-wave ultraviolet. This ultraviolet light causes the phosphor coating layered inside the tube to glow, thus giving off light.

A common form of this kind of light is the tube light we saw nearly everywhere in the 1990s, with the starter in the middle; another kind is the energy saver bulb. Fluorescent lights are more energy-efficient than incandescent lights but a lot less than LED-based lights.

Fluorescent lights are used in many different places around the house or office. There are also specialised rigs that make use of these kinds of lights for stage productions or for videography lights.

Shapes, sizes and colour temperatures

One can find fluorescent lights in different shapes and sizes, as well as colour temperatures. The basic shapes are tube lights or bulbs. The colour temperatures range from white to daylight yellow.

Issues regarding fluorescent lights

A common problem is that there are versions that have a strobe-like effect but at a very high rate. It is not noticeable by the eye but still affects some people, causing headaches and vertigo. In certain cases, they can also trigger a persons epilepsy.

Light fixtures with fluorescent lights cannot be controlled via a dimmer and have one setting only. This can be limiting if one wants to change the ambience of their room.

In case a fluorescent light breaks the mercury vapour inside can be inhaled causing health problems. This is also why these kinds of lights need to be disposed of properly as they count as hazardous waste.


Fluorescent lights are slowly phasing out in most countries as LED lights are the go-to option.

The price of fluorescent lights depends on the specific type and size, but generally, these are lower-end items to purchase.

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Fluorescent Continuous Light Rs. 17,999
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