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These are pads that can be worn to help train athletes who partake in combat sports. Focus pads are available for relatively low prices.


Focus Pads

Focus pads, also known as focus mitts, are padded targets that are used to help boxers and other combat athletes train. The idea made its way to commercial fight training from Muay Thai and other Far Eastern martial arts. The concept replaces conventional sparring and provides targets to be hit. Focus pads were made a lot more famous by Bruce Lee, when he was seen making use of them in the 1960s.

Focus pads are mostly made from leather so they can take hits and survive longer periods.

The person wearing the focus pads is known as a "feeder" and they call out the combination they will be serving. This gives the person hitting the pads the pattern they will follow. They will also play defensive manoeuvres such as "bobbing" and "weaving", this allows for the overall development of the fighter. Repeating patterns over and over helps develop speed and the ability to quickly implement combo-moves.

It is important to feed the punches with proper form and force to prevent injury for both parties. The feeding is as strenuous as the punching.


Focus pads are available for various prices, depending on the material and brand. Generally, it is not very costly to purchase them.

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