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Fogg is a brand based in India and is known for producing no-gas formulations. Oak and Pine are their body spray concoctions, with the main notes in each being wooden, granted the names. The price of these sprays is in an affordable range.


Based in India, Fogg is known for producing formulations without gases. Thehavemultiple body sprays one can choose from. If you are looking for wooden notes, Oak and Pine are good choices for you.

Oak and Pine

These two body sprays from Fogg are both based on wood notes, one of the choice scent accords. Both are based around a wood tone, with Oak being a bit deeper sent and Pine towards a more fresh side.

Fogg body sprays stay a good while, making one smell good. There is also ample sillage so there is a good scent around you too.


Bodysprays are much needed in hot seasons, of which Pakistan has many. The price of Fogg's Oak and Pine is in an affordable range, making it an easier purchase to smell good.

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