Food Processor Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Food Processor in Pakistan is Rs. 5,999 and estimated average price is Rs. 14,443.


Grinding, mixing, chopping and blending tasks can be achieved easily and in no time with a food processing machine. You can save valuable time and use these machines for appetizing and attractive presentation of food. The prices of food processors in Pakistan vary depending on the brand and versatility of the machine.


Food processing machines have revolutionized food preparation in kitchens around the world. With our fast-paced lives and tight schedules, who has the time for manually cutting or dicing food items.

Food Processor Brands in Pakistan

Famous brands that sell high-quality food processing machines at affordable prices in Pakistan are Kenwood, Philips, Anex, Westpoint, Cambridge, Moulinex, and Braun. Shopsy enlists all these brands at one place for your convenient and easy shopping.

Basic Components 

Basic components include a motor, bowl, lid, feed compartment and attachments. While the basic components remain the same, they vary in sizes, speed and technologies. You will find three basic sizes in the market; full, compact and mini. Out of the three, the full-sized are the heaviest because they come with bigger and more powerful motors. 

Things You Can Do With A Food Processor

1. You can use a processor to grind masalas to a fine powder. Pakistan has a rich cuisine that's packed with spices and flavours. Almost every Pakistani dish is served with a sprinkle of Garam masala powder (hot spice mix) or has it added during the cooking process. It is a blend of aromatic spices that is either grounded to fine powder or used as a whole to zest up various Pakistani dishes. 

2. Apart from the hot spice mix, Pakistani cuisine uses various blends of spices (masala) for every dish. These days ready-made spice powders are available by different brands but they are not even half as good as the homemade ones. Cooking connoisseurs prefer to grind these masalas at home to add exotic and aromatic flavours to the food.

3. With these machines, the slices of fruits or vegetables are all proportioned and the spices and herbs are freshly ground to perfection. Chefs and home cooks are able to garnish their food to perfection with evenly shredded cheese and finely chopped nuts for toppings. 

4. Lightly roasted and then home grounded Biryani masala is the soul of an aromatic and flavorful biryani. Homemade Korma masala adds an instant exotic flavour to your korma dish etc.

You can do all these kitchen tasks within no time by adding a food processor to your kitchen. Even the most trained culinary professionals such as chefs use these kitchen appliances for saving time and stylish presentation of fine dining food.

Price List

Model Price
Philips Food Processor HR7320 Rs. 20,000
WestPoint Kitchen Chef WF-5805 Rs. 17,100
WestPoint Kitchen Chef WF-5806 Rs. 17,100
Cambridge | Food Processor | FP8477 Rs. 14,380
Cambridge | Food Processor | FP8517 Rs. 17,900
Cambridge | Food Processor | FP745 Rs. 16,880
Cambridge | Food Processor | FP8488 Rs. 14,380
Cambridge | Food Processor | FP2316 Rs. 11,130
Westpoint WF-4806 Deluxe Food Processor Rs. 16,440
Cambridge | Food Processor | FP8487 Rs. 14,380
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