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The best price of Football Kits in Pakistan is Rs. 1,050 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,739.


The football kit is worn by players during matches. People can buy these kits otherwise as well to play or just to wear to show support for their player or team. There are kits available at different rates depending on the brand that produced them. Some are cheaper while the better ones are expensive.


A football kit is a uniform worn by players for the game. There are 5 items that are allowed, this included the shirt shorts, socks, footwear and the shin pads. For goalkeepers, the rules allow tracksuit bottoms too in place of shorts. Though in general terms the kit refers just to the shirt and shorts.

The laws of football state that teams must wear colours that are easy to distinguish from each other. This is why if two teams generally wear a similar colour, one of the teams has to wear their 'away kit', which is a different colour from their regular kit. A lot of professional teams even have a 'third kit' in case both the initial colours are not wearable.

Football kits are made from the latest in synthetic materials so they breathe well and are quick to dry as well, helping players perform better.

The back of the shirt has the players name and number on it. These shirts are sold as merchandise to fans who pick the players they like or sometimes have just team-related kits. The football kits also have sponsoring brands placed on different parts as well as the official league logos. The league logos could be from the Premier League or FIFA, depending on what series of games are being played.


The price of a football kit is high if it is from one of the known brands such as NikeReebokAdidas, New Balance, Kappa, Umbro, Puma and others in a similar league of quality. There are also cheaper options from smaller brands or no-name brands. One can choose based on the football kit they want and their budget.

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Performance 2.0 Training Kit Football Set T-shirt… Rs. 2,049
Performance 2.0 Training Kit Football Set T-shirt… Rs. 2,049
Performance 2.0 Training Kit Football Set T-shirt… Rs. 2,049
Sportstime Football Kick Trainer Kit Rs. 1,499
Messi home T Shirt Kit 2022 Football Jersey -Qata… Rs. 1,050
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