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The best price of Football Shoes in Pakistan is Rs. 790 and estimated average price is Rs. 3,879.


Football shoes are designed specifically to enable performance, with spikes for more grip on the grass or turf. The toe design is also maximised for striking power, with a sharp toe that helps with many different styles of stikes. The price point for football shoes varies a slot, it can be anywhere from the lower end all the way to very expensive. This depends mostly on the brand you choose to buy.


The cleat

Football shoes were originally known as football boots, the ankles were higher for more protection. Over time they became lower similar to sneakers. They are also known as cleats and in Pakistan, some students call them 'spikes' too. The general design is a more pointy toe so a player can get their foot under the ball in case of a lob kick or if you need minimal contact from either side of your foot to make the ball bend in the air like Beckham. The base has spikes on it for better grip on the grass, these can be in different shapes and also different materials. Initially, they were metal and placed in a few key spots, later there were versions that have plastic spikes along the outer side of the sole. Football shoes for turf have rubberised spikes instead of metal and these are stubbier as they are not meant to penetrate the turf like the spikes for grass. These designs keep changing as a newer understanding of kinaesthetics keeps being researched. Also there are differences between brands as each chooses to make their own variations to better the others. The modern design is more focused on kicking power rather than protection for the player.

Top football shoe brands

Over the years there have been many brands that have excelled, currently, Nike and Adidas rule the roster. With Christiano Ronaldo wearing Nike football shoes and while Lionel Messi wears Adidas. A lot of other players are also sponsored by either or. Aside from these two giants, Puma, Diadora, Hummel, Gola, Lotto, Umbro, Concave and Mizuno are the more known brands. The Puma King football shoe was the top shoe of its time, it was worn by legends Pele and Maradona.

The price range with football shoes varies quite a bit, mostly depending on the brand and then depending on the materials being used by the specific shoes in question. Which you choose to buy is a matter of the budget you have in mind and also which style of shoe you prefer.

Price List

Model Price
Boys Lace-up Front Football Sneakers Rs. 6,930
Football Planet Millan Socks Red Rs. 999
Casual Shoes For Men | Running, Walking, Gaming, … Rs. 790
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