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The best price of Football Socks in Pakistan is Rs. 999 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,254.


Socks worn during a football game; football socks are long and are designed to cover the shin guard as well, helping it stay in place during contact. There are various brands that produce them and one can find many different colours or designs. The price of football socks is in the lower to mid ranges.


Football socks

In Pakistan soccer is called football. There are few items that are part of the equipment required to play football, among them are football socks. These are just above knee-length and cover up the shin guards.

Made from synthetic materials, football socks are stretchy and have a good hold so that they keep one's shin guard in place as well. There are specific versions that are even tighter and are known as compression socks these help with the muscular performance of the area they have covered.

The colours one can find start at black and white and go on to all kinds of colours. Football socks have many different graphic designs on them, especially with team colours and logos or even the brands that make them for regular players.

Some players wear two pairs so as to reduce the friction between the sock and the skin of their foot, which can cause blisters. Two pairs help with this as the friction is taking place between the two socks and not one's foot and sock.


The best brands when it comes to football socks are Nike and Adidas.

Price-wise, football socks are not very costly, one can find a pair for lower end rates and then better ones at a mid-range rate.

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Model Price
TE 1 Pair Anti-Slip Soccer Sports Socks Men Sock … Rs. 1,509
Football Club Sports Winter Men's Socks Blue Rs. 999
TE 1 Pair Anti-Slip Soccer Sports Socks Men Sock … Rs. 1,509
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