Fotile Built-In Microwave Oven Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Fotile Built-In Microwave Oven in Pakistan is Rs. 87,647 and estimated average price is Rs. 124,447.


The Fotile Built-in Microwave Oven gets fit into the kitchen. The dual functionality makes it a versatile device to have.


Having an oven to bake foods in adds so much to your kitchen, with all kinds of tasty savoury and sweet dishes one can make. The Fotile Built-in Microwave Oven adds more functions with the microwave option as well.

The electronic oven is precise, letting one set the correct temperatures for their baking. The microwave option can be used to defrost foods or reheat things.

The Fotile Built-in Microwave Oven goes into a slot in the kitchen and is installed there, meaning it cannot be moved around. This would be a great idea for guesthouses or for other spaces that are rented. 

Made from stainless steel and tempered glass with an inside that has a coating so things do not stick, these microwave ovens are sturdy and would last. The device is also easy to use so one doesn't have trouble figuring it out.

There is also light inside, this allows one to see through the glass door and keep an eye on their food. There are different sizes and one can choose the one that suits their needs or the space they have sectioned out in their kitchen.

One also gets models with a safety lock so kids do not get hurt.

Price List

Model Price
Fotile 25L Built-In Microwave Oven 25800K-03B Rs. 118,500
Fotile Built in Electric Oven 52Ltr KES-6003A-1 Rs. 95,600
Fotile HW25800K-03B Built-in Microwave Oven (25 L… Rs. 87,959
Fotile HW25800K-01A Built-in Microwave Oven (25 L… Rs. 87,647
Fotile HW25800K-C2G Built-in Microwave Oven (25 L… Rs. 133,319
Fotile Build In Oven KSG7007A Rs. 159,999
Fotile 25L Built-In Microwave Oven 25800K-03 Rs. 119,600
Fotile HW25800K-03 Built-in Microwave Oven (25 Lt… Rs. 91,103
Fotile Tanam Built In Oven 52 Ltr KMS-7008 Rs. 167,500
Fotile 25L Built-In Microwave Oven 25800K-01A Rs. 116,200
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