Fotile Kitchen Hood Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Fotile Kitchen Hood in Pakistan is Rs. 64,990 and estimated average price is Rs. 158,128.


A useful kitchen installation, the kitchen hood helps keep your cooking space free of smoke and fumes. The Fotile Kitchen Hood options vary a bit, but in function are essentially the same.


Fotile Kitchen Hoods are made to ventilate the kitchen, sucking out all the smoke and fumes from over your stove. Being installed just above the stove helps as the exhaust is right there.

There are a few different shapes and sizes available from the Fotile brand, with the main functions being the same. All the kitchen hoods have exhausts and lights built into them. The lights are useful to better see whatever you are cooking. This is helpful as one can see if their food is done or not, especially when frying things.

The controls are touch-based, with settings for the fan speed so you can choose how much power you need based on what you are cooking. Some cooking methods cause more smoke and fumes so the fan settings are useful for optimal performance.

Fotile Kitchen Hoods have filters inside that can be cleaned, this should be done in a timely manner otherwise the exhaust gets clogged up and does not work as well as it should. This would also strain the fan over time and damage it.

Specific models also have a delayed off function so you can let it run a while after you are done and get the kitchen properly cleared out and then it will shut down.

The designs from Fotile are simple and can add to any space and are made from steel along with tempered glass. The prices are towards a higher end.

Price List

Model Price
Fotile 90cm Wall Mount Kitchen Hood 9009 Rs. 230,000
Fotile EMS-9018 W Kitchen Range Hood Rs. 187,679
FOTILE Range Hood JQG 9009 Rs. 191,880
Fotile EMS-9019 W Kitchen Range Hood Rs. 167,339
FOTILE Rang Hood D8BH H.C 60cm / 75cm Rs. 112,079
Fotile EH11D T Kitchen Range Hood (60 cm) Rs. 75,479
Fotile Chimney Kitchen Hood EMG9035 Rs. 209,999
Fotile Range Hood EH11D 60cm Rs. 75,479
Fotile D8BH-HC Kitchen Chimney Hood ( 75 cm) Rs. 64,990
Fotile EMS-9016 W Kitchen Range Hood Rs. 162,839
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