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The best price of Framesi Shampoo in Pakistan is Rs. 1,479 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,724.


Framesi is a brand dedicated to hair care, it was started in 1945 in Italy and is all about providing salon precision to customers. Among the collection, one finds a lot of options for shampoos, from shampoos for different textures to different hair colours. This is an expensive brand when it comes to shampoos.


There are some brands that have a very diverse range of shampoos, shampoos that are made specifically for your needs, Farmesi is such a brand.

The shampoo range at Farmesi has options that are for volume boost, smooth shine, densifying, curl definition, purifying and more. Other kinds include shampoos made for specific hair colours, so if you are a brunette there is one for you and if you have red hair there is a different one for you. The formulations are specific so each type is made for your type of hair, maximising the benefits.

Framesi does not use any sulphates, parabens, gluten, sodium chloride or DEA. This makes for a wash that is gentle but just enough strength to cleanse your hair without damaging it with chemicals you do not need.

The price of Framesi shampoos is high, the quality of ingredients and product makes it so.

Price List

Model Price
Framesi - FOR ME 103 Refresh Me Dry Shampoo 150ml Rs. 2,700
Framesi - Morphosis Color Protect Shampoo 250 ml Rs. 2,200
Framesi - Morphosis Sublimis Oil Shampoo 250 ml Rs. 2,200
Framesi - Ultimate Care Shampoo - 250 ml Rs. 1,853
Framesi - Sublimis Oil Shampoo 1000 ml Rs. 4,242
Framesi Color Method Shampoo Go 1000 Ml Rs. 4,503.98
Framesi - Color Protect Shampoo - 1000 ml Rs. 4,242
Framesi Morphosis Balance Shampoo 250 Ml Rs. 2,477.99
Framesi - Morphosis Densifying Shampoo 250 ml Rs. 1,870
Framesi - Color Method Shampoo Go - 1000 ml Rs. 3,536
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