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The best price of Frozen Paratha in Pakistan is Rs. 143 and estimated average price is Rs. 511.


Frozen Parathas are a quick way to have parathas ready to be cooked. This cuts out your preparation time and lets you get straight to the cooking. Many brands produce frozen parathas, with options for whole wheat as well.


Having Frozen Parathas in your freezer means you can cook parathas at a moment's notice, without any of the extensive prep time. Any time you want to make parathas for breakfast or even otherwise during the day, all you need to do is fry this ready made paratha till it is brown to your liking.

These parathas come in regular wheat and whole wheat as well, some prefer the latter as it is a more wholesome form of wheat. Some brands even produce sweet parathas if you want to have those.

The various brands that make Frozen Parathas include Menu, Dawn, Mon Salwa, Khatir Tawaza, and more. 

Frozen Parathas can be stored for extended periods but should not be kept longer than the dates mentioned on the packets of different brands.

Price List

Model Price
Simply Sufi Plain Paratha 400 grams Rs. 215
Simply Sufi Plain Paratha 1600 grams Rs. 820
Sabroso Plain Paratha, 5 Pieces, 400g Rs. 195
Bake Parlor Plain Paratha Family Pack Rs. 617
Mon Salwa Paratha Lachaydar 20 Pcs 1200 Gram Rs. 550
Dawn Paratha 30 Pcs Rs. 1,145
Dawn Plain Paratha 1600 Gram 5 Pcs Rs. 219
MonSalwa Aloo Paratha, 4 Pieces, 400g Rs. 235
Dawn Whole Wheat Paratha 5 Pieces Rs. 225
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