Galaxy Chocolate Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Galaxy Chocolate in Pakistan is Rs. 220 and estimated average price is Rs. 765.


One of the most well-known chocolates in the world. Galaxy chocolate is a smooth milk chocolate which also has other variants that have more ingredients mixed in. Available for a mid-range price point in Pakistan.


Galaxy Chocolate

A brand from the Mars family, the Galaxy chocolate is sold in many countries all over the world. In some of which it is sold under the name 'Dove'. Initially plain milk chocolate, today Galaxy has a whole variety of options that include Glaxay with caramel, fruit & nut, cookie crumble and more. The Galaxy brand also has a chocolate drink, ice cream, hot coco powder and more tasty items under its label.

Galaxy chocolate is available for a relatively nominal price in Pakistan.

Price List

Model Price
Galaxy Smooth Dark Chocolate 40 gram (Pack of 2 P… Rs. 775
Galaxy Flutes Chocolate 22.5 gram ( Pack of 6 pcs) Rs. 1,099
Galaxy Smooth Dark Chocolate 40 gram (Pack of 2 P… Rs. 775
Galaxy Chocolate Chip Cookies Rs. 1,090
Galaxy Smooth Dark Chocolate Bar 40g Rs. 350
Galaxy Smooth Caramel Chocolate Block 135g Rs. 480
Galaxy Smooth Hazelnut Chocolate Bar 36g Rs. 350
Galaxy Ripple Chocolate Bar 33g Rs. 350
Galaxy Smooth Milk Chocolate Bar 110g Rs. 750
Galaxy Chocolate Crispy Rs. 220
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