Gas Geyser Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Gas Geyser in Pakistan is Rs. 9,499 and estimated average price is Rs. 32,560.


A gas heater called a geyser is a large water tank that is additionally installed in order to provide warm or hot water to the home and office. the geyser is connected to the main water supply and has a copper pipe mechanism that heats up the water in the tank. This water then can be distributed all over the building or different rooms of the house. In Pakistan, users will need hot water to wash up, in the kitchen and for hand washing clothes in the laundry. These gas geysers do have a thermostat to control the heating temperature and there is a pilot switch ignition that is used to create the flame under the water tank.

Pros & Cons


  • Power Efficient

  • Quick to heat water when compared to electric geysers

  • Store a large amount of water and keep it warm continuously


  • Hard to install

  • More expensive to buy than electric geysers

  • Will significantly increase gas bill



It does this by storing a certain volume of water in their water tank or container that can be accessed by turning on the water tap inside the bathroom, kitchen and laundry. The gas used in the geyser is called Liquefied petroleum gas or liquid petroleum commonly called propane or butane gas. The gas is a flammable mixture of hydrocarbon gases that are used as fuel in heating appliances, cooking equipment, and vehicles in Pakistan. A storage gas geyser can hold up to 50 gallons of water using the thermal heating of copper pipes that keep the water tank warm throughout the day.

Gas Supply 

The gas geyser will require a direct gas connection through the main gas supply that can keep a flame burning under the geyser. With a simple mechanism, the pilot will light the flame in a designated section of the geyser that will keep the coils hot. LPG is easily available in Pakistan and is sold in cylinders as it is reliable fuel supply. 

Installation & Performance

A major drawback of the storage gas geyser is that it is wall-mounted and takes up a significant amount of space. Homes will usually place the geyser outside where it is exposed to all weather conditions. A gas geyser during summer under direct sunlight will heat up the water tank to extreme temperatures, it is advised to turn off the gas geyser during that time. It is not as efficient as electric water heaters that will turn off the current as soon as the water is warm and is economical when we compare it to the rising electricity rates of Pakistan. 

Industries & Homes  

Gas geysers are used in multiple professional sectors as a valued addition to the water supply system. Agricultural, hospitality, industrial and construction industries benefit from having a low-cost solution to hot water.

A gas geyser will be able to accommodate a large family of up to 8 people easily. It can manage the daily load of bathing, toilets, laundry and cleaning around the house. It will also be a valuable addition to offices during the harsh winter season of Pakistan.

Remote Areas of Pakistan

Pakistan has all 4 seasons and the winter experience is especially worse for those in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. The body of a gay geyser can also accommodate burning wood and coal as a fuel supply. All socio-economic background will benefit from a gay geyser as it is a durable and long-lasting solution.

Price List

Model Price
Ocean 25 Gallons Gas Geyser Auto Supreme 25G Rs. 31,000
Ocean 35 Gallons Gas Geyser Auto Supreme 35G Rs. 34,000
Ocean 25 Gallons Electric and Gas Geyser Auto Sup… Rs. 34,000
Canon Instant Geyser 12 liter 24D Plus, Dual Igni… Rs. 30,200
Insta Gas 12 Ltr Instant Gas Water Heater Rs. 32,000
Hanco 7 Litre Instant Water Heater – Model 7G4 – … Rs. 14,463
Fischer Hybrid Electric Gas Geyser 25 Gallon Rs. 38,999
SUPER ASIA GAS GYSERS GH-655 AI Gas Auto igniti… Rs. 45,300
Super Asia GH-635AI Gas Geyser Rs. 44,900
NasGas Electric Gas Geaser - DEG55S/D Rs. 48,100
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