Gas Oven Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Gas Oven in Pakistan is Rs. 41,630 and estimated average price is Rs. 80,991.


A gas oven can add a lot of value to a kitchen by allowing you to bake sweet and savoury foods. Also, letting you grill things. Some have a fan to move the warm air inside to keep the heat even, others come with a rotisserie function too. Available in a variety of sizes depending on the needs of your home or business.

Pros & Cons


  • Cheaper to run


  • Difficult to clean as it has more parts


About the gas oven

An essential kitchen accessory a gas oven will enable one to make many tasty foods. From baking desserts to savoury dishes such as succulent roasts or even allowing the grilling of foods. Using one is more specific than cooking on a stove as baking and roasting are generally considered more science than art. One has to be exact with the temperature and timings to get the right results or you might end up with a dried out or dense cake. Some models also have the functionality of a rotisserie adding another layer of possibility to your cooking adventures. Preheating, having ample foil and a food thermometer will make your oven using process a lot better. The more important thing to be careful about is not getting burns so a good pair of oven mitts that cover up till your forearms are necessary and helpful.

Cost and hot spots

A gas oven may be a little more of a hassle initially and cost more but over time the running cost is a lot lesser than an electric oven. Gas ovens have some spots that are warmer especially once they age a little so with modern ones they have a small fan installed that circulates the air inside and evens out the temperature. These are also called convection ovens. Burning gas causes water vapour that is released during combustion this can help with meats or bread and pie in comparison to the electric dry heat which would mess with the end results by removing too much water content.

Sizes and installation

Gas ovens come in many sizes, measured in litres to figure out the cubic space inside. What size you need depends on what amount of cooking you need to generally do in one go. Requiring a bit of installation with the gas connection it is pertinent to have it done right as there is the danger of leakage, so make sure you use good quality pipes and clamps to be safe.

Price List

Model Price
Glam Gas - Built In Oven Bake up Gas + Gas - BUP … Rs. 69,232
CROWN Built-in Oven FGE20E3TMR Gas & Electric Ful… Rs. 85,000
Built-in Oven B1-FG13TIX-FULL GAS Rs. 89,250
Crown B1-FG13TIX Built-In Oven 73 Liters Full Gas Rs. 100,430
Glam Gas - Built In Oven Bake up Electric - BUP3 … Rs. 81,300
Crown B4-FGE23E3TIX Built-In Oven 73 Liters Digit… Rs. 100,430
Glam Gas - Built In Hob Galaxy-11 3 Burner Big Si… Rs. 43,500
CROWN B4-FGE23E3TIX Built-In Oven 73 Litre Digita… Rs. 85,000
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