Gas Stove Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Gas Stove in Pakistan is Rs. 1,599 and estimated average price is Rs. 11,043.


Since electricity shortage is a bigger issue than shorage of gas in Pakistan, people prefer keeping gas stoves as it is also much cheaper than electricity. They also cook food faster than their electric counterparts. Gas cooking stoves are also considered a greener option than the electric ones as they create instant heat and use instant heat control. Gas stove prices in Pakistan vary depending on the designs and brands. Read on for their features as well as pros and cons.

Pros & Cons


  • Energy efficient

  • Low maintenance

  • Cooks food evenly

  • Doesn't require power

  • Faster than an electric stove

  • Precise temperature control


  • Hard to clean

  • Safety hazards

  • Expensive to purchase

  • Ventilation hood required while cooking


Gas stove, gas hob, kitchen stove, kitchen hob etc all are different names of one appliance that's common in almost every kitchen; the cooking stove. Stoves are used to cook food and they can be electric or run on gas. 

Gas Stove Types

The basic gas stove can be affordable while the ones involving elaborate design and features can be highly expensive. A gas stove can have a single burner as well as multiple burners, depending on the style and design. Some gas stoves are also called cooking ranges that include a range of burners and a baking oven. There are also portable gas stoves available online in Pakistan that are a great option for campers and outdoor chefs. Some portable gas stoves also come in a foldable design for easier portability and storage.

Gas Stove Lighters

You can light a gas stove with a gas lighter or a simple match. Advanced gas stoves come with a pilot light or electric ignition systems. If the igniters stop working, you can go back to the old-school way of lighting the gas stove with a match or replace the igniter.

Gas Stove Brands in Pakistan

Nasgas, National, Canon, Fotile, Geepas, Sonashi, Aardee, Super Asia, Siemens, Prestige are some of the top-selling gas stove brands in Pakistan. Gas stoves frequently go on sale in Pakistan and you can buy them at discounted prices online from various authentic sellers.

Cleaning Gas Stoves

Cleaning gas stoves involves a lot of hard work as one needs to remove all burners and clean them separately. Just mix warm water and liquid soap, remove all removable parts of the burners and clean them one by one as well as the stovetop and with the mixture. Wash them thoroughly with water and pat dry. Nowadays, stove cleaning sprays are also available that make cleaning much easier. 

Safety Hazards

Always make sure to turn the gas stove off after every use. Never leave it on as it can result in gas leakage that can prove to be fatal for the dwellers. If you smell or suspect gas leakage, never turn on the light to inspect as the spark generated by turning on the light switch can set the entire place on fire in an instant.

Price List

Model Price
HANCO Stainless Steel Hob Stove with Brass Burner… Rs. 13,695
NATWAK Gas Stove Single Burner Rs. 2,299
HANCO Stainless Steel Hob with Brass Burners (Mod… Rs. 13,699
Nasgas DG-112 (Steel) Gas Stove Rs. 5,000
Grip GT-4006-D- 3-Burner-Built-In-Hob(Gas Stove)/… Rs. 11,244
HANCO Stainless Steel Hob with Brass Burners (Mod… Rs. 13,695
HANCO Stainless Steel Hob Stove with Brass Burner… Rs. 13,695
Nasgas DG-1088 Gas Stove (Super Deluxe) Rs. 4,500
Enviro Gas Hobs 86SC3 Rs. 14,200
CROWN Built-in Hob Model CR-22G 3 Burner Glass Bo… Rs. 12,499
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