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The best price of Gate Lights in Pakistan is Rs. 41,957 and estimated average price is Rs. 41,957.


The main gate entrance has space for a pair of gate lights that illuminate the street view and driveway into the house. These designs are available in various shapes and sizes made from durable steel and copper metal that is lightweight and easy to install.


There are simple gate lights that are shaped as a lightbox with sturdy hard shell and fibreglass panels that are highly weatherproof and unbreakable. The fashionable designs will have expensive engravings and colourful glass panels that look stylish and decorate the gate entrance. They can be placed at the gate and around the surrounding boundary wall of the home and garden space.

Made from materials that can withstand outdoor conditions of heat, cold and rain conditions all year round to ensure they do not need any maintenance or repair. The gate light can be fitted with LEDs and energy-saving bulbs so that they do not use a lot of electricity. The ornamental gate lights are inspired by British street light posts from the 18th century that has wrought iron moulds that make for dependable and long-lasting lights. The iron gate lights are a traditional design with a lantern shape and a glass vase with a lid on the top. Modern gate lights are solar powered making them eco-friendly and a power-saving asset to have installed in the home as they simply charge during the day and automatically turn on at night when it gets dark.  

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Toyota Fortuner LED Trunk Garnish Chrome - Model … Rs. 41,957
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