Geepas Deep Fryer Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Geepas Deep Fryer in Pakistan is Rs. 4,499 and estimated average price is Rs. 12,111.


Geepas has many appliances available, including deep fryers. This cooking process is one of the ways to produce very tasty foods such as French fries. There are a few different models that Geepas makes and one can choose the kind that suits them. The prices are generally affordable.


The deep-frying method is responsible for lots of yummy dishes and snacks. Geepas make electronic deep fryers that can easily be set on a countertop in your kitchen. The sizes vary and generally are made compact enough to be used in a home kitchen.

The fryer has a basket that the food is put into and then dipped into the hot oil. The oil should be changed in good time and generally should be kept clean as debris from the foods stays in it and sometimes sticks to other food you are frying. This ruins the taste with burnt debris stuck to it.

One can prepare their French pries, chicken nuggets and or fried chicken in a Geepas deep fryer with ease. They come with timers and temperature knobs, you need to set the right temperature and timing so the food is cooked through and the outside is crispy, that crunch is very crucial.

After the food is cooked it is important to let the excess oil drain as this method means the food absorbs a lot of oil.

Geepas has different sizes so one can choose the one that suits their needs, depending on how much food they need to prepare in a deep fryer.

The price of Geepas deep fryers is in an affordable range.

Price List

Model Price
Geepas Stainless Steel Deep Fryer Rs. 5,400
Geepas Deep Fryer 1L White & Yellow Brand Warran… Rs. 4,499
Geepas Deep Fryer GDF 36015 Rs. 16,500
Geepas White Air Roaster & Deep Fryer Rs. 8,999
GEEPAS DEEP FRYER GDF-36011 Rs. 11,995
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