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Geepas has different kinds of heaters available, one can choose the kind that they are looking for and also choose the one that fits their budget. The prices are generally in an affordable tier.


Geepas is a brand known for its appliances, from ACs to roti makers. Among this diverse collection, one can also find heaters. The brand makes two kinds of electric heaters, one is the smaller blower and the other is the oil-based radiator which is larger in size.

An oil-based radiator takes more time to heat up the space but works better to maintain a temperature at a lower setting, letting one save on the energy bill. With a blower, one can warm up a space faster and also get a more direct kind of heat which a lot of people prefer. All the heaters come with thermostats that allow you to set the kind of heat level that is comfortable for you.

Generally, electric heaters use quite a bit of electricity to work and can run up the bill so one needs to keep an eye on how they are used.

The prices for both kinds of heaters from Geepas are in an affordable bracket.

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