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With the GT 730 gamers will experience immersive and intense gameplay on Medium to High settings with 30 FPS depending on their PCs configuration. They can achieve overclocking without overburdening their main processor. Gaming is becoming a regular recreational activity loved by millions of users in Pakistan. For upgrading your PCs memory and processing capabilities a GT 730 can boost performance and unburden the PC.

Pros & Cons


  • Full HD 1080p

  • Compact in size

  • Good for video editing

  • Can help stream 4K videos

  • Memory 2048 GB

  • HDMI


  • Low-end card

  • Limited functions


Introduction to Graphics Cards

Laptops and desktops are manufactured with an integrated graphics card that will be able to handle all of the operating systems processing tasks such as web browsing, Microsoft Office applications, graphics display, gaming and fast video playback performance.

Over time the memory card will become overburdened and users will notice that their main processers is starting to become slow and lagging behind on switching through multiple tabs in their browser, rendering videos and gaming at intensive high settings. The inbuilt RAM is spent completely on the operating systems needs and handling the extensive data storage that gamers will not be able to play high-quality game titles that require a powerful GPUs.

GeForce GT 730 Functionality 

To boost your PCs performance and upgrade your system without having to replace it all together the GeForce GT 730 graphics card is recommended in order to breath new life into your old hardware.

The GT 730 was released back in June 2014 but is still a sought after budget graphics cards to enhance gameplay and help machines perform better under extensive usage. With the GT 730 users will achieve efficient and faster speeds for processing photographs and be able to do demanding video editing projects. It weighs 200 grams and the dimensions are 5.4 inches length and 2.7 inch in width, making it a small compact GPU that is easy to install. 


The gaming performance of the GT 730 is considerably better than the previously released entry-level integrated graphics card. With Nvidia's regular drive updates by GeForce Experience, the GT 730 will only get better over time.

Gamers can boost their resolution settings to Medium and High to experience Lost planet 3, Hitman Absolution, Sims 4, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, League of Legends, CS:GO, Minecraft, Dota 2, Fortnite and Battlefield 4 on a 720p resolution and GTA V. Usually the entry-level integrated graphics card can only play games on low settings that result in visuals that are pixelated with a choppy framerate and ugly tearing.


It is readily available in Pakistan in both 1Gb and 2GB versions. Users will be able to increase the processing speeds and achieve up to 1366 x 768 pixels resolution. It is a mid-range graphics card designed based on the second generation of the Kepler Architecture by Nvidia. The GT 730 does not require its own cooling system as it is a chip graphics card, unlike advanced GPU they do not need their own dedicated power supply hence do not run the risk of overheating the main processor.   

Compatibility Features

The GeForce GT 730 is compatible with HDMI, DirectX, Optimus, CUDA, OpenCL, DirectCompute, 3D Vision Surround, PhysX, Realtime Raytracing and other technologies. 


Base Clock 700 MHZ
Memory Clock 1400 MHz Effective
CUDA Cores 96
Bus Type PCIe 2.0
Memory Detail 2048MB DDR3
Memory Bit Width 128 Bit
Memory Speed 1.43ns
Memory Bandwidth 22.4 GB/s
LED Logo N/A
UPC 843368031206
EAN 4250812405760
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