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The GTX 750 Ti will be able to display 1080p resolution on a low to medium setting depending on your PCs configurations. This is an low entry-level card that can boost processing speeds and add HD definition to your favourite gametitles. The stock card has a standalone power-supply, making it a valuable and efficient upgrade to low-end laptops and desktops.

Pros & Cons


  • Cool and quiet running 

  • Durable and long-lasting

  • Compatible with Nvidia software updates  

  • Small form factor

  • No additional power connectors needed

  • Power-efficient


  • Old technology as compared to entry-level cards based on Pascal architecture

  • Can not play high settings for AAA and eSport gametitles 

  • Less RAM 


Performance & Compatibility 

The GTX 750 Ti is an entry-level graphics card better than the GPU built into laptops and desktops. It can be a good card to start playing AAA and major eSport game titles on low settings. It will display hyper-realistic resolution but will not be able to push further than 1080p resolution. 

It can display 4K video playback and can be connected to multiple monitors. The 750 Ti is an upgraded GPU from the base models that will boost main processors power and unburden your PCs shared RAM. 

Technology & Installation 

Based on the first generation Maxwell architecture released in 2017, it is designed to prioritize power-saving and boost processing speeds to deliver seamless multitasking functions. The performance of GeForce GTX 750 Ti when compared to its predecessors the GTX 550 Ti and GTX 650 is quadruple per WAT. 

It is easy to install as all you need is a sufficient power supply and a motherboard that is firmly seeded. The overall GTX 750 Ti installation is user-friendly. The dual fans increase thermal efficiency with greater airflow and lower noise emissions. This cooling mechanism safeguards your PC from any unnecessary overloading. It has 4 video outputs and 6 pin power connectors of different shapes.


The GPU Tweak can increase the GeForce GTX 750 Ti core and memory clock speed. It can also adjust fan settings, create custom fan profiles, increase the power target all through its sleek and intuitive interface. Giving users great gaming experience and productivity for graphics design and architecture building. GPU Tweak streaming lets you share on-screen actions in real-time allowing others to watch your game-play live.


GeForce GTX 750 Ti is a great value GPU. It has a lower range price point that offers faster speed than other base models. This efficiency is guaranteed with the Factory Overclocked feature and 2GB RAM. The 2GB of GDDR5 video RAM clocks at 5400MHz. The non-Ti version will have 1GB of RAM variant for users looking for adjustable specifications for their personal PC. 


It has compatibility with GeForce GTX gaming technologies like NVIDIA GameStream, G-SYNC, and GeForce Experience. The GeForce GTX 750 Ti by ASUS, ZOTAC and MSI are available in Pakistan online. 

Tips & Comments

An expert tip is to remember to use the plastic bag that comes along with the card as it is an anti-static bag that prevents static shock to help you giving your card a longer life. 


Memory Speed 5.4 Gbps
Boost Clock (MHz) 1085 MHz
Standard Memory Config 2048 MB
Memory Interface GDDR5
Memory Interface Width 128-bit
Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec) 86.4
OpenGL 4.4
Bus Support PCI Express 3.0
Certified for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista or Windows XP Yes
Supported Technologies NVIDIA GameStream, GPU Boost 2.0, 3D Vision, CUDA, PhysX, TXAA, Adaptive VSync, FXAA, NVIDIA Surround, G-SYNC-ready
3D Vision Ready Yes
Microsoft DirectX 12 API
Blu Ray 3D Yes
3D Gaming Yes
3D Vision Live (Photos and Videos) Yes
Multi-Monitor 4 displays
Maximum Digital Resolution 4096x2160
Maximum VGA Resolution 4096x2160
HDCP 4096x2160
Standard Display Connectors One Dual-Link DVI-I, One Dual Link DVI-D, One mini-HDMI
Audio Input for HDMI Internal
GTX 750 Ti Graphics Card Dimensions Length
Thermal and Power Specs Maximum GPU Temperature (in C)
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