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The best price of Gionee Handsfree in Pakistan is Rs. 191 and estimated average price is Rs. 560.


A convenient device to make use of when multitasking. The Gionee handsfree allows one to talk on their smartphone without having to hold it up against their ear. The price of Gionee handsfree is from the lower-range.


Gionee Handsfree

Gionee is a Chinese smartphone brand. They also produce accessories for the smartphone lifestyle. These accessories include power banks, smartwatches and handsfree for talking without holding one's phone.

The Gionee handsfree is a wired accessory. One can make use of the headphone jack in their phone to connect. With a microphone built into the wire so as one talks it catches their voice. The earphone itself is designed in a way that it stays in the ear and doesn't dislodge while one is moving about their tasks. 

The quality of sound is decent, one can also make use of this handsfree to listen to their music or podcasts.


Handsfree devices are very useful, especially when one is driving. It lets one have both hands on the wheel.

The Gionee handsfree is from lower-range price point.

Price List

Model Price
Handsfree/Earphones Gionee Bass Boosted Durable P… Rs. 1,299
Orignal Gionee Handfree 100% Genuine Earphones Rs. 699
Orignal Gionee Handfree 100% Genuine Earphones Rs. 449
Pack Of 2 Gionee - Gionee Handsfree - High Qualit… Rs. 693
Orignal Gionee Handfree 100% Genuine Earphones Rs. 699
Gionee Original Handfree Best For Gaming Left Rig… Rs. 350
Gionee Handsfree /Earbuds / 3.5mm Wired in-Ear He… Rs. 399
Handfree - High Quality Handfree - Handsfree - or… Rs. 450
handfree/handset/headphone-handsfree/handsfree/gi… Rs. 399
GIONEE Hands Free, High Quality Deep Base Rs. 350
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