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The best price of Glamorous Face Eyelashes in Pakistan is Rs. 3,199 and estimated average price is Rs. 3,199.


If you to give your eye makeup a professional upgrade at home and avoid visiting expensive makeup salons then make sure to purchase the entire Glamourous Face Eyelashes collection.


The Glamourous Face Eyelashes feel like real hair making them comfortable and easy to wear for hours. They are available in a variety of designs that will compliment your eye and face shape.

Excellent for makeup enthusiasts and beginners who would like a simple and easy false eyelash set. The Glamourous Face 5D Faux-Cils has 3 kinds of Fashion Eyelash Designs in each set. The thick double layer of lashes is called Glam, the medium-thick and short length design is called Volume and the Sexy design has a longer and softer double layer of lashes. There are various kinds of combination sets available to make sure you find the perfect 3 kinds of false lashes for your eye shape and face. 

To lock and set the false lashes in place, use the Glamourous Face adhesive that comes in a waterproof clear gel formula that is easy to apply. After applying the glue to the lashes place them right above the natural lash line until dry. To remove the lashes simply take a warm damp cloth and trace along the lash line to dissolve the glue. These lashes can be used multiple times just remember to remove the glue line from them before storing them. 

The super thick lashes design by Glamourous Face is made from 100% real hair and comes in 6 kinds of shades that are popularly used for bridal makeup. The Glamorous Face Faux Mink are called 3D Eyelashes as they add depth and shape to the eyes. There are 14 styles in this collection to choose from depending on the occasion, personal preferences and eye shape. 

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Glamorous Face Winter Deals, Winter Offers, 24+24… Rs. 3,199
Glamorous Face Winter Deals, Winter Offers, 24+24… Rs. 3,199
Glamorous Face Winter Deals, Winter Offers, 24+24… Rs. 3,199
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