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The Glamourous Face Nail Polish collection has two kinds of formulas one that has an easy peel-off system and the other is fast drying making it super simple to apply your favourite colour.


Glamorous Face Gel Peel Off Nail Polish is available in almost every colour you could want when dressing up for a birthday party to match the perfect colour with a formal wedding dress. The wide range of 50 colours with varieties of Brown, Purple, Magenta, Green, Yellow, Nude, Red, Pink, Black and Grey. There is a top coat polish that can help set the colour in place and protect it from scratches. Peel off nail polish is ideal for children and teenagers who would like to only wear colour on special occasions and the weekend. It helps protect the skin dryness caused by the chemicals in nail polish remover. The colours are bold and dramatic making sure there is plenty of choice for creating fun nail art designs throughout the year. 

The Glamorous Face Fast Dry Fantastic is tailored to adult fashion preferences with nudes, neutrals, light pastel shades and rich dark tones that can complement your seasonal wardrobes. The fast-drying action makes it easy to apply nail polish to your hands and feet within minutes saving you precious time. Applying nail polish can be difficult when multitasking and unable to visit professional nail salons but with fast-drying and peeling off Glamorous Face Nail Polish products you can save money by doing your nails at home. 

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