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The best price of Glitter Eyeliner in Pakistan is Rs. 95 and estimated average price is Rs. 943.


While black and brown are the most used shades for regular eyeliner, glitter liners are worn in a multitude of colours. They are also used to create unusual makeup looks or to make your eye makeup stand out. Check glitter eyeliner prices in Pakistan and read on for suggestions on the best brands.


The best makeup looks are created fearlessly and with a lot of confidence. Eyeliner is one of those makeup products that can be experimented with however you like. it is also one of the frequently used cosmetics and is available in all colours and multiple types. The glitter-infused variety of eyeliners is popular amongst people who like flashy makeup looks or an occasional bling in their otherwise simple makeup.

Glitter Eyeliner Brands in Pakistan

If you are looking for homegrown brands, check out glittery liquid eyeliners by Rivaj UK. They are also some of the most affordable products you can get your hands on and the quality is also great. For international brands, you can go for Lucoss, Ownest, Focallure, Urban Decay, Hang Feng, Tarte Cosmetics, elf Cosmetics, Too Faced, NYX Cosmetics, BH Cosmetics, Stila, Kiko Cosmetics etc. 

Glitter Liner Looks & Uses

While some may think glittery sparkly eyeliners only belong to burlesque makeup looks or Halloween, they actually hardly ever go out of trend. You can use glitter eyeliner pencils, pigments, pressed powders, liquid eyeliners, cosmetic paints etc. You can even take regular glitter, some rubbing alcohol and make your own glittery eyeliners in a plethora of colours. 

1. It is used by people who like funky eye makeup looks and those who just want to add a bit of glimmer and glamour to their evening makeup.

2. Glitter can make your eye makeup pop out and stand out from the rest.

3. You can add drama to your eye makeup by applying a bit of a sparkly eyeliner on the outer corners or the lower lashline.

4. Line it above your regular eyeliner to create a stylish and minimalistic look with a touch of sparkle.

5. You can also use a champagne or dull gold coloured glittery eyeliner to enhance the brow bone and make your eye area appear bigger. 

6. Take a little amount of glitter from the eyeliner on your fingertip and tap it on your eyeshadow. This will create a beautiful shimmery eyeshadow that would sparkle with your every move.

7. You can use glitter from the eyeliner and top your regular lipgloss to add a bit of sparkle. Take a small amount on your lip brush or fingertip and tap it on to the centre of your lips.

8. Use glittery eyeliners to spruce up your Halloween look.

9. Some Arabian, Egyptian, Pakistani and Indian makeup looks are incomplete without glittery sparkly eyeliners.

10. A fun night out with your friends or your party makeups would look great with a little pop of glitter.

Tips & Warning

How you use glittery eyeshadows or eyeliners is a matter of choice but glitter looks best during nighttime. Though a subtle application in the daytime won't hurt anyone, it might look tacky during the day if applied in large amounts or in a bolder colour.

While glittery and sparkly eye makeup looks funky and makes you stand out, they may not be safe for most people. The glitter can flake off and get into your eyes causing irritation and corneal infections that may get difficult to treat. It is important to buy glitter eyeliners that come with safe ingredients and glitter that won't fall out.

Also, make sure to apply a good and safe glitter adhesive or primer to the eyes before applying these types of eyeliners to ensure that they will not flake off and cause irritation.

Price List

Model Price
Flormar Women's 2 In 1 Glitter Eyeliner Pencil & … Rs. 99
Dermacol Glitter Eyeliner Rs. 460
Beam Heavy Glitter Eyeliner Rs. 700
Glamorous Face Glitter Eyeliner 6 Rs. 153
(Clearance Sale) Glamorous Face Glitter Eyeliner 5 Rs. 153
Rivaj Uk Glitter EyeLiner 03 Rs. 370
Glamorous Face Glitter Eyeliner 4 Rs. 153
Rivaj Uk Glitter EyeLiner 15 Rs. 370
ELF Eyeliner Glitter - Pink Opal - 81222 - 4.5ml … Rs. 1,400
Seven Girl Glitter Eyeliner Rs. 2,150
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