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The best price of Gluta White in Pakistan is Rs. 16,500 and estimated average price is Rs. 16,500.


The affordable and easy to use Gluta White Cream has advanced whitening technology based on Glutathione which has a particular Amino Acid that helps lighten the skin back to its original complexion.


Complex Formula

Along with Glutathione, there are other ingredients including Ascorbyl Palmitate, Linoleic Acid, Linolenic Acid, Vitamin E & Arbutinthat that improve skin texture and slow down ageing process of the skin. Usually prescribed by dermatologist for Melasma, Freckles, Dark Eye Circles, Hyper Pigmentation and Post Acne Hyper Pigmentation. 


Glutathione has antioxidant properties that rapidly lighten the skin by lowering the production of melanin in your skin. The melanin is a substance present inside your skin, eyes and hair are the reason body has colour. Glutathione triggers the production of lighter skin tone transforming the skin in a few weeks. It comes in a soft tube of 20gm that can be easily stored in your bathroom as it comes with an airtight seal cap. 


Teenagers struggling with acne scars can use Gluta White both in the morning and night but should be careful to not overuse the cream as this can have a negative impact in the skin. Try to incorporate into your regular beauty routine by pairing it with a richer moisturizer and sunscreen for maximum benefits. It can also be used to treat dark spots by targeting that area to even out complexion. 

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Nadiya Kassam - Luna - White Rs. 16,500
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