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The best price of Gold Ring in Pakistan is Rs. 26,100 and estimated average price is Rs. 41,617.


The price of gold ring in Pakistan keeps fluctuating as it depends on the current rate of gold in the country. Gold Jewellery is highly sought after in Pakistan due to its rarity and dazzling beauty. Pakistani women like to wear small articles like necklaces, chain, earrings or rings made out of gold on a daily basis. Wearing tastefully designed gold jewellery add colours, definition and character to your entire look. You will find plenty of options and designs on this page if you are looking to buy gold jewellery. If you are allergic to metal and have sensitive skin, look for platinum, silver or gold earrings and rings on our website.


Jewellery is not limited to women today, men too like to wear ornaments that exude masculinity and show some aspect of their personality. Ear ornaments, necklaces, bracelets and rings all worn by both men and women today, just the designs and colours vary. Gold is the favourite metal of the majority of Pakistani people as it symbolizes prosperity, grandeur, glitz and glamour. Karat measures the purity of gold and in Pakistan, gold is usually bought in 22K and 24K where latter being the purest. It is measured as per tola and 10 grams weight and the making and designing is charged separately.

Gold Engagement/Wedding Ring

Gold is gifted to the bride and groom by their family in the form of jewellery etc. A gold ring is typically exchanged between the bride and groom on engagements, nikkah or wedding. Since Pakistan is a Muslim majority country and gold is considered non-permissible for men in Islam, most Pakistani men prefer wearing silver rings on their engagement or wedding. The gold wedding ring for a Pakistani bride may be plain or studded with precious gemstones. Diamond is the most sought out gem for gold in Pakistan but not many can afford it. Secondly, it is always better to stud a diamond in platinum instead of gold for aesthetics as well as for reaping the gem's spiritual benefits. 

Gold Ring Designs

Pakistani women prefer casual looking diamond or gold jewellery for everyday wear, especially married women. Younger girls wear all sorts of jewellery including artificial, metallic, plastic, wooden, acrylic gold plated, pure gold, silver etc. The designs vary but the majority follows what's on-trend. For formal festive occasions like weddings, Eid and parties, Pakistani women like to wear larger and extravagant looking gold jewellery or earrings like jhumkis, long-chain jhumkas and chandelier earrings studded with precious gemstones, rhinestones, diamontes and beads or featuring Eastern meenakari, gotta and kundan work etc. 

We have a wide collection of gold jewellery like earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, sets, gemstone rings for both men and women on our website. You can buy all types of jewellery and gold rings at the best prices in Pakistan from any of our online trusted sellers. Keep visiting this page for exclusive deals, discount offerings and sale prices from multiple sellers. 

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Model Price
22 KT Plain Gold Ring Silver & Golden Fi... Rs. 37,950
22 KT Plain Gold Ring Silver & Golden Fi... Rs. 35,150
22 KT Sparkling Zircon Studded Gold Ring... Rs. 37,400
22 KT Plain Gold Ring Two Tone Polish Rs. 40,700
22 KT Sparkling Zircon Studded Gold Ring... Rs. 42,400
22 KT Plain Gold Ring In Antique Finish ... Rs. 34,800
22 KT Zircon Studded Gold Ring With Red ... Rs. 37,600
22 KT Plain Gold Ring MARW49WR-195 Rs. 37,200
22 KT Plain Gold Ring In Antique Finish ... Rs. 49,800
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