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The best price of Golden Pearl Serum in Pakistan is Rs. 99 and estimated average price is Rs. 951.


Golden Peal Serum is registered with Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority also known as PSQCA and has a PS Mark for all their beauty products. It can lighten the skin, reduce pimples, cysts and caters to some acne problems. It can act like a sunscreen protecting the face from the harsh effects of sunlight and daily sun exposure.


Cosmetics Company 

Golden Pearl Cosmetics started from Chichawatni located in the Sahiwal District of Punjab. It has established itself as one of the leading Pakistani cosmetics brands through its state of the art facility in Lahore. They have a wide range of personal care products that are tested through a Q.C and R&D laboratory. These microbiological laboratories have scientific testing equipment and qualified experts ensuring the products are safe and effective.

Whitening Serum

Golden Pearl Serum is an affordable whitening serum that rapidly improves skin complexion, clears pimples, wrinkles, blemish marks, hives and lightens dark circles. It contains natural herbs with Vitamin C, antioxidants that brighten the face returning a natural glow. The Amino Acids, Chamomile and Aloe Vera stimulate collagen production restoring youthful elasticity to the skin. 


It contains D.I Water and Xanthan Gum that gives it a non-sticky texture that feels luscious and smooth. The Hyaluronic Acid and Amino Acid are the main whitening agents used in the formula that are strong chemicals that are fast-acting on dark spots and absorbed deeply on a cellular level changing the melanin construction of the skin cells. The Chamomile and Citrus Flower boost the glow and radiance of the skin hydrating skin cells and reducing the visibility of pores resulting in smooth silky skin.  The Aloe Vera leaf extract, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol and Pantothenic Acid are hypoallergenic agents that keep the skins natural moisture locked and create a protective layer repairing the skin cells. 

Whitening Series

This is a Golden Peal Cream Whitening Series that includes a Facial Cleanser, Whitening Toner, Whitening Facial Scrub, Whitening Massage Cream, Whitening Moisturizing Mud Mask, Whitening Soft Mask Powder, Blackhead Removing Mask, Whitening Skin Serum and Whitening & Repairing Cream. These products are designed with essential whitening formula to focus on lightening the skin. 

Price List

Model Price
SL Basics Gold & Pearl Serum - 30ml Rs. 2,200
SL Basics Gold & Pearl serum - Beauty serum - Ski… Rs. 1,936
SL Basics No Makeup/Makeup Kit (yellow undertone)… Rs. 4,893
SL Basics Gold & Pearl Serum - 30ml Rs. 2,200
Golden Pearl 3D Vitamin C Skin Serum 20Ml Rs. 297
Golden Pearl 25K Skin Serum 20ml Rs. 450
SL Basics Gold & Pearl serum - Beauty serum - Ski… Rs. 1,936
Golden Pearl Anti Aging Serum 3 ML Rs. 100
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